“A different love”: Gianni Molaro

Suddenly, he appeared with a radiant smile, dressed simply, but with class. The colorful shoes whose laces reminded the color of the shirt, were quite fanciful, but what could we expect from an artist? …

I told him about “An eternal love”, my first novel and the fact that I wanted him to be part of a trilogy …

“I wish you were the protagonist of my story, the protagonist of “A different love”, did I say in a breath by offering him this gift …

The wait was not long.

“My darling, I read “An eternal love”, I like it the way you write, if you want, you can get inspired by me for your new novel.”

So was born “A different love”.

From the book: “A Different Love”


Un amore diversoMy friends, I want to present this book: “A different love“, published by Mondadori. A fabulous novel, one of those you read in one breath and that at the end of which you say: “but why is it already finished?”, with tears in your eyes.

Lella Di Marino is the author of this masterpiece, a writer who makes simplicity her workhorse.

“I do not like to use complicated words and complex intrigues; I like to convey emotions and try to do it in the simplest possible way. Life is already so complicated, to read a book must be something pleasant, which makes you forget the worries of the day and gives you a few hours of serenity “.

I would say that Lella does it very well. She managed to move me and make me live the life, though fictionalized, of a great fashion designer, the bridal stylist who broke three records in the Guinness Book of World Records, the prophet of the Art of the Couture, the stylist of the show “Detto Fatto” on RAI 2: Gianni Molaro.

“A different love” is the story of Giovanni (or Gianni), fatherless, who grew up in a boarding school and got fed on art and dreams. It is the story of a child who does not succumb to life but prepares himself by study, tenacity and the strength of his soul to face it, without dodging the blows. This is the story of a teenager who knows love but, as the author writes, in a body that wears his own clothes.

It’s a story of sacrifices. Gianni, once out of the boarding school, works to pay for the Fashion Academy. An elegant and refined protagonist who, despite the sufferings of the past, humbly created his own life garment, drawn with a brush, tailor-made for himself.

It’s a love story, and that’s what I want to tell you, starting from the cover of the book. This one shows the heart-shaped shoulder cover of the Molaro “Art couture 2012 collection” which represents the essence of this story and was at the center of controversy for being copied by a famous French fashion designer.

The writer has managed to delicately deal with a subject that, for many people, remains a taboo: homosexuality.

The title is provocative; it was chosen to make think. Can a love be different? Even if each love is lived differently, I would say no.

Gianni and Daniel met twenty years ago, to never leave each other again. A love made of help, collaboration and complicity. The beautiful Daniel, who lives almost in the shadows, who puts aside his youth to support the rise and success of the man he loves.

“He who in the dark moments has always been there, the one who has given me every moment of his young life, he who has given up his life to allow me to live my life”

From the book: “A Different Love”

Their love was born in a night that was at least dreadful: it was pouring rain, to the point of advancing at a slow pace, given the low visibility. Gianni was driving Daniel home. From the radio came a celestial music, almost prophetic: Only time by Enya. While changing gears, their hands brushed against each other, their lives were united by a link sealed by the heart. A link that the protagonist has decided to offer to the world.

The lights went on and the music started.

“And who can say if your love grows, has your heart thing? Only the time ” Only time!

While Anya flooded my enchanted garden, while the flamingos turned like women dressed in their new dresses, flowers, and models, as my agave woman made her entrance, I turned to Daniel and kissed him.

The cameras turned to us, the flashes blinded our eyes. Between the disbelief of some, including Daniel, and the happiness of others, our love was being reclaimed and immortalized, and the next day it would be on the front page of every magazine. Even that half-dark part of my life had taken the light …

From the book: “A Different Love”

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“A different loveenvelops you, inebriates you, giving you a feeling of well-being and tranquility. It makes you love the protagonist from the first lines. A captivating story that is a real page-turner and makes you hold you breathe until the end. A message for all those who feel little rewarded by life. A book that tells you the way to achieve.

You’ll laugh and cry and dream!

What do you think about!