VITE ASCOLTATE Confessioni all’Isola d’Elba: the first review

Starting next week, Corsiero Editore will publish online and immediately distribute in bookshops my second book ‘VITE ASCOLTATE Confessioni all’Isola d’Elba’. It is with great pleasure that I publish the first review by Alessandro Bigarelli, essayist and expert on Germanic culture. He was the first to read the book in its entirety.
Almost three years after the publication of his first book “L’Adulta Giovinezza” (My Adult Youth), author Pierluigi Panciroli presents his new literary effort: “VITE ASCOLTATE: Confessioni all’Isola d’Elba” (Listened Lives: Confessions on the Island of Elba).

It is an autobiographical work full of humanity where the intimate and meaningful stories of several people met during a trip to the Island of Elba are told.
The author has carefully selected the stories narrated. They all embrace complex themes such as adoption, violence, bullying, courage, but are also stories about victory, success and love.
Each of the encounters narrated in the book turns into a profound and engaging tale, in which the protagonists open up and share their life experiences. The stories are accompanied by reflections on the essence of humanity and the values that make each individual unique in their existential journey.
From a young age, the author manifested a deep curiosity and an insatiable thirst for the history experienced by others. This curiosity turns out to be a vital engine that drives him to ask questions, understand the dynamics of situations and generate new ideas. This inner drive for knowledge enables him to keep an open mind and to overcome all prejudices, opening up to the diversity of human experiences.
The Island of Elba, with its breathtaking beauty and fascinating history, is the perfect setting for the book: natural landscapes, rich geological conformation and historical influence (from the Etruscans to the time of Napoleon). The hundred or more beaches of fine sand, black and white pebbles, and black sand offer a unique charm, along with spectacular views, evocative seabed, crystal-clear waters and striking sunsets.
Within this naturalistic context, the author brings out his passion for listening, which becomes the fundamental element for understanding others and welcoming their different perspectives. The attitude of attentive listening, respectful and without any prejudice is manifested in the encounters with the various characters belonging to different nationalities and cultures, allowing him to tiptoe into their world and finally share their profound and unique experience.
“VITE ASCOLTATE: Confessions on the Island of Elba” is an adventure into unique and exemplary existences, accompanied by profound reflections on the humanity of being. Set against the enchanting backdrop of the Island of Elba, the book offers a shareable perspective on the challenges, triumphs and true values that make every human being unique in their life journey.
Here are the protagonists we meet: Ibrahim, Michel, Emma, Sergio, Marco and Irene, Mariella, Maria Grazia, Filippo, Lorenzo, Domì and Mariangela.

The book will later also be published in French and English.

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