All about dating sites

Who in the new millennium has never been tempted to register on a dating site?

This phenomenon continues to grow and online dating sites are multiplying and are aimed at everyone and of all ages. In meetings on social networks, men and women can discuss, converse, exchange photos and then possibly meet to start a friendship, a love affair, or quite simply an intimate moment.

But how do you choose the right one from hundreds and hundreds of dating sites?

First of all, you need to find a serious site and try to understand what audience it is aimed at. In this way, you can save valuable time and increase your chances of success according to your expectations and finding the right person by age, gender and sexual orientation.

There are many dating sites on the net and almost all of them have free membership.

After filling out a form you can get in touch with hundreds or even thousands of profiles. As these sites are free, they allow thousands of people to register. By paying for a “premium” subscription, the field of action becomes clearer and the search can become more serious and targeted, thus avoiding all the false and dishonest profiles of impostors. There can be monthly or annual subscriptions. Paid sites are more suitable for those who want to start a lasting relationship. After filling out your profile, a special logarithm highlights the most compatible and compelling profiles. Some sites after free access offer access to certain functions only for a fee. Since the number of users is predominantly male, some sites offer more advantageous subscriptions for women.

Some sites have been designed for specific user needs. There are sites mainly aimed at over 50s, libertines, gays or lesbians, so it is absolutely necessary to check if you are in the right place.

But how to create an attractive profile?

• Create a dedicated email address just for these sites to avoid being inundated with messages to your personal email address.

• Look for a picture where you smile.

• Avoid ID or passport photos.

• Avoid nude, provocative or pornographic photos.

• Avoid photos of landscapes or people in groups.

• Choose a photo from less than 5 years old to be honest with other users and avoid criticism and disappointment at the time of the meeting.

• Be as frank as possible by briefly describing your personality, your passions and your expectations.

• If you registered from your computer, download the application to your mobile phone so that you can interact more quickly.

• If possible, insert a presentation video.

Once you have entered into trust, you can exchange some more personal data. If you do not wish to communicate your telephone number, you can communicate via social networks: Messenger, Instagram, Telegram or others.

Thus comes the moment of the meeting.

• Choose a moderately frequented place,

• Offer an aperitif with the possibility of transforming it into dinner.

• For ladies, it is wise to take precautions by informing a trusted person of the place and time of the appointment.

Tinder is arguably the best-known dating site. However, there are alternatives and according to an analysis here are the most successful sites in 2022.

This site brings together high-level profiles, from professionals to intellectuals (doctors, teachers, etc.), users who claim a higher-than-average cultural level. In fact, during the registration phase, various questions are asked in order to make a certain selection and thanks to a specific logarithm, the correct compatibility will be identified.

It is a very simple, intuitive and secure platform. Enter your name, gender and email. You can specify the type of search that interests you: men seeking women, women seeking men, men seeking men or women seeking women. By then downloading the application to your phone, you can then simply interact with the “matches” (likes) you receive. Everything is free: registration, posting photos and reading messages. The profile can be completed with your physical characteristics, your profession, your studies and your search objective, for example if it is friendship, adventure or love. The filters then allow you to vary the type of search or to focus on a location. Once the “match” or the mutual like has been created, the conversation can begin.

This site, like others, is aimed primarily at mature people who are looking for a soul mate for a serious and important story. The orientation does not matter, just specify it when registering. It is therefore important to complete the profile with precise and real data, the possibility of adding a video only increases the chances of success in the search.

With around 3,000,000 subscribers, it is one of the most well-known and advertised sites. The operators of this platform pay particular attention to profiles to avoid the creation of false profiles. Among other things, after three complaints about a user, the profile is immediately deleted from the site. You can find people of all ages and professions, housewives, executives, workers and professionals who share the same passions or who are looking for a travel or life partner.

The sites mentioned here have been checked by groups of experts.

However, I invite you to always be vigilant against possible scams. Malicious and unscrupulous people may create false profiles (phenomenon of “catfishing”). They propose the start of a relationship and subsequently, once they have gained trust, they try to manipulate and deceive the interlocutor. In this way, the usurper ends up asking for sums of money or important information in order to then be able to appropriate their identity for illegal purposes.

The Kaspersky platform, digital protection platform, invites you to pay attention to those who:

• Request financial assistance,

• Say they are from the same country, but he cannot meet you because there are abroad,

• Call themeselves a widower with dependent children. That may be true, but investigate well,

• Disappear then reappear under another name,

• Respons vaguely to questions,

• Give too many compliments,

• Decline a video chat,

• Ask you after a short time to continue the conversation on WhatsApp,

• Ask for your personal or professional address to send you flowers, • Tell you his melodramatic stories.

What do you think about!