Dressing well: mistakes to avoid for the perfect look

Dress is inevitably an important way of expressing your personality and identity. However, there are many common mistakes that can be made when dressing. Mistakes that can have a negative impact on a person’s image.

Choosing the wrong clothes for the right occasion, not choosing the right details, overusing certain accessories and not adapting your style to the social environment in which you live. An elegant look and a confident attitude, reflecting each person’s unique personality and style, should be our priority.

Here’s what not to do:

1.         Wear the wrong size dress: after reading the label, it’s always a good idea to try clothes on for size. They shouldn’t be too tight or too loose, but they should fit perfectly. The advice of a good tailor or shop assistant is always a good sign.

2.         Don’t take your body shape into account: if you have an hourglass figure, you can emphasise your waist with a belt, whereas if you have a rounder figure, you can opt for soft, flowing fabrics that don’t emphasise your curves.

3.         Don’t coordinate colours: coordinate the colours of your clothes by choosing the shade that suits you best. For example, a dark blue shirt can be matched with grey trousers. As a general rule, avoid combining too many different colours and choose accessories and shoes that match the rest of your outfit.

4.         Wearing worn-out or stained clothes: take care of your clothes and wash them regularly. A fresh outfit always makes a good impression.

5.         Wearing the wrong shoes: shoes should be chosen according to the occasion and the type of clothing. If you’re wearing a formal suit, opt for lace-up shoes, while if you’re wearing a casual outfit, you can opt for trainers or boots.

6.         Ignore the occasion: try to assess the dress code of the event you’re attending. If you’re not sure, ask friends or acquaintances what clothes are most appropriate for the occasion.

7.         Not paying attention to detail: try to pay attention to the crease in your trousers, the neatness of your shoes and the order of your accessories. If you’re wearing a tie, make sure it’s tied properly and that the knot is in the middle position. Remember that the tip of the tie should reach about halfway up the buttonhole.


– Wear socks with sandals.

– Wear trousers that are too short with a suit.

– Wear two garments of the wrong size.

– Wear the wrong size tie, either too short or too long.

– Wearing socks with moccasins (use ghosts instead).

– Wearing superhero T-shirts. Only on certain occasions, absolutely INFORMAL.

– Dress in too many colours.

– Wear too much jewellery.

– Wear your mobile phone on your belt.

– Wear clothes with too many prints.

I hope you find these tips useful.

What do you think about!