Is it possible to win back an ex?

Part 1 Understand if the conditions are met.

According to Freud, in his beautiful but brief essay on Leonardo da Vinci, one loves only after having known. This endless knowledge of being contains the drive to replace the loved one because we never really love, but we remain imprisoned beyond good and evil.

It therefore very often happens that what appeared to us as a profound good is no longer a source of desire and we detach ourselves from it, we slowly move away from it, until we abandon it. Falling in love ends. Love is no longer recognized as a value. We break up. But something inside the soul, because of the memories, remains. It follows that the deeper you know your beloved, the more the pain of separation and the end of love fades and weakens, but also the easier it will be to win him back or be won back.


The meeting with Davide was fixed at 5:00 p.m. For the occasion, I had chosen one of the oldest and best-known bar-restaurants in Paris, opened in 1868, the Café de Flores. Located in the heart of the famous Saint Germain des Près district, it has become an emblematic place for Parisians and tourists. Two families in particular have given prestige to its history, the Arnauds and the Bouclets. In the 1960s Café de Flores became a meeting place for intellectuals, artists and celebrities and due to its lively atmosphere, it remains one of the busiest restaurants in Paris. Today, it still offers traditional French dishes and desserts, as well as modern dishes inspired by French culinary tradition.

I get a whatsapp message:

– “I am in the metro and I will soon arrive at the St Germain des Près station”.

– “Don’t worry, I’m already sitting here and I’m waiting for you” I answer him.

Davide Marsini is the creator of “Magnetico Personale”, the number one site dealing with personal development and seduction. After the success of this site, he also created, the site for the reconquest of an ex.

I see him getting out of the metro and I wave to him. He notices me and joins me.

– “Hello Pierluigi. Anyway, I’m glad to see you here in Paris,” he said, hugging me.

– “Knowing that you were here in Paris, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to meet you”, I answer him.

– “Well, the pleasure is mine!”

– “I know that in your community you always deal with very topical and above all useful subjects. These are topics that may be taken for granted but in reality, are not at all.

– “Absolutely not, they are not.”

– “I really wanted to address these issues with you. Specifically, a dear friend of mine has just been dumped by his girlfriend after a years-long romance, and now he feels very confused. I would like to be able to advise him.”

– “Listen, I can tell you that I have good and bad news for him”.

– “Oh, yes?”

– “The bad news is that the process of winning back will not be easy and will not happen immediately. The good news is that there is a chance of success if he follows the right method”.

From our pleasant conversation, here is what emerged. But before finding the right way to win back an ex-partner, let’s start at the beginning.

But is it really possible to win back the ex-partner?

Getting back with an ex is possible, but it takes a lot of determination and depends on the nature of the relationship and the breakup.

There are many variables to consider, such as the cause of the separation, the ex-partner’s current emotional state, and the overall dynamics of the bond before and after the relationship ends. For example, to what extent was there a match between the wishes of one and the other during the love affair? Or rather has doubt emerged or has it prevailed over mutual happiness?

Anyway, despite the difficulties, there is good news.

We can identify 5 specific factors which, if observed carefully, can indicate whether or not it is possible to win an ex back.

Here they are:

A long and significant history: if you have spent many years together, if you have shared many experiences and perhaps you have a family, all this leaves an indelible mark. There is no passion without a body, without an emotional language, and the emotions experienced together have left deep furrows in the heart and the soul. Emotion is a logical feeling that transforms doubt into certainty, into confidence. If we refer instead to areas of daily life, such as the sharing of a mortgage or several, then either everything explodes or there is a good chance of recovering the relationship. However, it will take longer to reconnect, but with the right strategy and a bit of patience and effort, it can be done.

A short but intense story: if the relationship was short but very passionate, perhaps characterized by a strong physical component, then there is a greater chance of winning it back in less time than in the previous case (of order of a few weeks).

Shortly since the breakup: It’s easier to get back together with your ex if it’s only been a few weeks since the breakup, rather than months or years. However, each situation is different and although each case requires an in-depth analysis, it appears from the studies carried out – this is Davide Marsini speaking – that the longer the time that has elapsed since the separation, the greater the probability of success are low.

Physical proximity: Physical proximity is another important factor to consider. If you can meet in person, it’s easier to win your ex back. Although some have succeeded remotely, thanks to new technologies, reconnecting becomes a more complex process. It depends on the dynamics of the relationship, i.e., whether the relationship has always been only distance or not.

Shared life plans: if there were common goals and future plans, then there is more chance of reconnection. Instead, if at the base there were different underlying ideas about the future, like kids yes or kids no, then it will be more difficult. Above all, it is essential to keep in mind that, in the reconciliation phase, words have little value if trust has been lost or misplaced.

As a summary, the answer to the question “can I win my ex back?” depends on various factors, but certain conditions can increase the chances of success, although there are always exceptions.

For example, if the relationship lasted twenty years without any passion, then perhaps it is better to let it go than to try to win it back.

Either way, it’s important to be honest with yourself before trying to win your ex back. You don’t have to stop at the first hurdle, but you have to be determined to pursue what you want.

However, remember that:

If the ex says she hates you, it’s better than when she shows indifference, because indifference is a clear sign of disinterest and contempt.

If the ex doesn’t care about you and for you, there’s no hope of winning her back.

Unlike others who promise easy results, I explain you that the process of winning back takes time and commitment. However, my method has helped over 1,000 men win back their ex since 2019.

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