The shirt: a classic garment for an always trendy look”.

Today I would like to talk about men’s shirts.

The shirt is one of the most versatile and interesting men’s garments to match. The most popular combination is with a jacket or blazer, but also under a sporty wool or fine knit jumper.

Here are some more details on the criteria to consider when choosing a quality men’s shirt:

Fabric: the choice of fabric is important, as it determines the quality of the shirt. High quality fabrics such as Egyptian cotton, linen and silk are known for their softness, breathability and durability. Egyptian cotton, for example, is soft to the touch and durable, while linen is light and breathable, ideal for hot days. Silk, on the other hand, has a sheen and softness that defines luxury and elegance. It is also important to consider the weight of the fabric, as a fabric that is too light may not fit well, while one that is too heavy may be uncomfortable.

Construction: the construction of the shirt determines its durability and fit. A quality shirt has well-made and durable seams, well-fitting buttons and a well-structured collar. Seams should be straight and even, with no skipped stitches or loose threads. Buttons should be securely fastened and not give way easily. In addition, a well-structured collar allows the shirt to retain its shape, even after many washes.

Fit: The fit is important for the comfort and elegance of the shirt. A shirt should fit the body well, without being too tight or too loose. Slim fit shirts are suitable for those who want a slim fit, while regular fit shirts are looser and offer more comfort. In addition, it is important to choose the right size: a shirt that is too large can look ill-fitting, while one that is too tight can restrict freedom of movement.

Collar: The collar is one of the main elements of the shirt and should fit perfectly around the neck. A well-structured collar keeps its shape and does not bend or bruise easily. There are different types of collars, such as the button-down collar, Italian collar, French collar, Korean collar, point collar and contrast collar. It is important to choose the right collar depending on the style of the shirt and the occasion in which it will be worn.

Sleeves: Sleeves should fit snugly around the arms and be neither too long nor too short. In addition, they should have a natural curve to follow the shape of the arm. Cuffs can be buttoned or unbuttoned depending on the style of the shirt.

Style: The style of the shirt should be appropriate to the occasion. For example, a formal shirt will have a stiffer collar and a cleaner finish than a casual shirt. In addition, the colour and pattern of the shirt should match the outfit and personality of the owner.

Here’s how some of the big names in fashion present their shirts:

Ralph Lauren: Ralph Lauren is an American fashion icon, known for his classic and sophisticated style. His shirts range from the classic white Oxford shirt to bolder shirts in stripes, checks or plain. Ralph Lauren is also famous for his Polo clothing, short-sleeved crew-neck T-shirts that have revolutionized the casual clothing style.

Giorgio Armani: Giorgio Armani is one of the most famous Italian designers in the world. His shirts are known for their attention to detail and timeless elegance. Armani’s shirts range from classic striped shirts to shirts made from fine fabrics such as silk and linen.

Calvin Klein: Calvin Klein is an American design icon, known for its minimalist and modern style. Calvin Klein shirts are often characterized by clean, linear cuts, high quality fabrics and great attention to detail.

Burberry: Burberry is a British brand known for its iconic trench coats, but also for its stylish shirts. Burberry shirts often feature the brand’s signature check pattern, but are also available in solid colours and other patterns.

Tom Ford: Tom Ford is an American designer known for his sexy and sophisticated style. His shirts often feature bold details such as snaps or shoulder cut-outs, but are also available in more classic styles such as white Oxford shirts.

Yves Saint Laurent: Yves Saint Laurent is a French fashion icon, known for his sophisticated and chic style. His shirts often feature elegant cuts and refined details such as high collars and mother of pearl buttons.

Alexander McQueen: Alexander McQueen is a British designer known for his bold and often provocative style. His shirts often feature graphic patterns, lace details or extravagant details such as feathers or fringes.

Prada: Prada is an Italian fashion brand known for its sophisticated elegance and attention to detail. Prada shirts often feature modern cuts and bold details such as gusseted pockets or decorative zips.

To sum up, I would say that in addition to being a piece of clothing, a man’s shirt is essentially a business card.

What do you think about!