The beard

Schermata 2018-08-23 alle 14.11.20Nowadays, the beard has become a fashion accessory and remains a symbol of virility and maturity. It is very important, however, to define the type of beard according to the morphology of the face.

Begin by introducing you to the most common types of beard:

3 DAYS BEARD: It is the most common beard. Even if you do not think so, still requires some care.

SHORTY BEARD: It is about 10 days old. The fact of being thicker than the previous one allows to better harmonizing the sections where it is more sparse.

LONG BEARD: In the past it was more common among people of a certain age, but today there are no age limits.

EVENING’S BEARD: It is suitable for men with a thick beard and is very short, less than 1 mm.

GOATEE: It is a short beard under the chin and can have many different forms.

GOATEE AND MOUSTACHE: The whiskers surrounding the mouth continue in the lower part up to the chin. Suitable for round faces.

VAN DYCK’s BEARD: It takes its name from the Flemish painter. It is characterized by a straight goatee on the chin and by whiskers that go beyond the commissure of the lips (corner of the mouth). However, it confers an intellectual aspect, it is not good for anyone. If the mustache were thicker and more impressive and the finest goatee we would find ourselves in front of an imperial beard.

CARVED BEARD: Very common among young people, it is a short and thick beard where the contours are well defined with the razor: cheekbones, cheeks, necks and contours in general. However, it requires daily treatment.

FLY BEARD: This is not a real beard, but simply a tuft of hair under the lower lip in a central position. It can take many forms: triangular, rectangular, half-moon.

SIDEBURNS: The sideburns are the connection between the haircut and the beard. They are an important element because they define the male face and can help to radically change the appearance of the face. They began to assume greater importance in the 60’s with Elvis Presley. Clean face but with impressive sideburns. In the past the face was always accompanied by a beard, mustache and long hair. They can be of various shapes: longs, thick, long thins, and shorts, soft, originals and creatives. Above all in these last years they must be well defined. The long or short whiskers, but still thin, give a clean look, nice and of a good guy.

ANCHOR BEARD: It takes its name from the shape it assumes is similar to an anchor. Thin mustaches that frame the upper lip and a goatee that tends to stretch to the sides. With the fly, or the part of the beard that grows just below the lower lip, the issued form is like an anchor.

HIPSTER BEARD: It’s that long beard, clean, a bit of a rough man, a well-groomed man who’s very fashionable today. The predominant feature is to be thick, which does not necessarily mean long.

HIPSTER BEARD CARVED (TSEPA beard): Very trendy right now. It is a hipster beard, but meticulously carved in lines and neck, cut in a degraded way and with a longer length at the bottom.


After analyzing the various types of beard, we now see which types of beard are best suitable to the face’s shape.


Squared face


Viso quadrato

With this type of face, characterized by a pronounced jaw and angular features, you must avoid marking the square appearance by making lines too straight and corners too pronounced. The beard must be short by precisely sculpting the cheekbones making curved lines. Mustache and goatee can be allowed as long as the length of the beard remains short. The main objective is to round the angular lines with harmony.


Round face


Viso rotondo

For a round face, try to stretch your face. The beard should help give a more elongated face appearance. Opt for a shave of at least 10 days with longer hairs in the goatee.

Straight and angular demarcations are welcome. Avoid a chubby beard on the cheeks.


Triangular face

Viso triangolare

With this type of face, stretched to tip down you must exactly the opposite of what said for the round face. To balance the length of the face avoid a long goatee, this would make the face look even longer. The mustache and an imposing beard on the cheekbones are recommended.



Oblong Face

Viso oblungo


In this case, where the chin and the forehead are very pronounced, avoid beards. Therefore always opt for a short length everywhere: chin, mouth and sideburns. A length too marked would lead to lengthen the face.



Diamond face

Viso diamante

For this type of face with a prominent jaw, I recommend a short beard (maybe 3 days sculpted) with a mustache and a goatee. Avoiding a thick beard or too much volume, this would only accentuate the features of an important jaw.



Oval face

Viso ovale

This is considered the perfect face, it allows you to opt for any trendy beard. This type of face has no more marked traits than others so a short or long beard, mustache, goatee or fly can be fine. However, always keeping a certain harmony to avoid a too long goatee too long to stretch the face.


Rectangular face

Viso rettangolare


I propose a short beard at the base with a little volume on the cheeks. The strokes must be rounded. Avoid a too pronounced goatee, it would do nothing but stretch your face too much.




  • The beard requires a certain dedication. It is not enough to make it grow, but it is necessary to take care of it.
  • Get adequate tools to treat and treat it.
  • A badly groomed beard will devalue the important features of the face, giving it a shabby appearance.
  • Beard should be treated like hair, then use appropriate products to prevent dandruff and split ends.
  • The long beard should be combed frequently and after the specific shampoo should be well rinsed.
  • At least once a week it should be nourished with almond oil. It should be left on to react for 10 minutes then rinsed and washed with a shampoo and treated with a conditioner.
  • A moisturizing aftershave is very important to ensure that the skin invigorates after shaving.
  • Do not use products containing alcoholic bases so as not to damage the skin.
  • Follow fashion, but the important thing is to choose your look based on the morphology of your face.

What do you think about!