Rosmy a star between rock and passion

Perhaps this star could not have shone if that day, many years ago, her brother Salvatore, frontman of the group “The Music Family”, had not come to tell her:

• Rosamaria, hold this tape, listen to it and memorize it well!

• It’s a song that you will interpret perfectly well. You know I signed you up for the “Children’s Festival”!

Rosamaria accepted the challenge. At the age of 8, she sang a captivating remix version of Marcella Bella’s “Nessuno May” at a competition in the village of Calvello, where she lived.

The square was packed with people. Already the first notes were enough to captivate the whole audience.

She won the competition with the great pride of her brothers and her parents.

And so, without realizing it, his artistic path began.

Rosmy, an artist with a strong artistic impact who over the years through her songs with modern pop sounds has always managed to tell us about very important social issues such as harassment, the “ghost”, euthanasia, indifference people and the frenzy of everyday life.

From the skyscrapers of the Milanese metropolis, she offers us the video of the single “Ho tutto tranne te” which announces a project of great depth where the artist from Basilicata, through a catchy, fresh and modern melody, addresses the theme of loneliness and invites us to altruism, to love our neighbor, because “without the other we are nothing”, she says.

Rosamaria Tempone, alias Rosmy, was born in Zurich, she is a singer-songwriter and theater actress. She graduated in foreign languages ​​and graduated from the Academy of Artists as an actress. The passion for art in its various expressive forms runs through its veins. Heir to the Trichitella family, musicians and vagabonds who brought the unique tradition of the Viggian harp to New York and Paris, a tradition passed down from father to son.

At home, music has always been present, the father and the brothers are multi-instrumental musicians. With the two brothers Salvatore and Roberto, Rosmy formed the “The Music Family“, a musical group where she was a singer. Committed group that still performs today in southern Italy.

The meeting with Ulderico Pesce was decisive. The actor and director gave him the musical part and some main roles. Thus, she landed in the theater and performed in various cities playing and singing in the most important Italian festivals with Moni Ovadia, Fioretta Mari, Francesco Di Giacomo and Rodolfo Maltese of Banco del Muto Soccorso.

After a brief participation as a semi-finalist in 2005 in the selections of the Sanremo Festival, she began her true musical journey as a singer-songwriter in 2016 with the song “Tra le nuvole e sole”. A song which for its musical originality and for the subjects approached (the violence and the terror which seize people) receives a good criticism.

But the real launch took place when the same year she won the Mia Martini award “New proposals for Europe” and the special award “Best radio song” with the song “Un istante di noi“.

With “Trema pure la città” she reached first place in the ranking of emerging Italian artists.

Subsequently, the single “Inutilmente” brought its finalist to the “Lucrezia Prize in 2018”.

In January 2019, with “L’amore è rincorrersi“, she presented her first album “Universale“. She therefore returned with an exclusively female group to the Sanremo Festival where she reached the final of the Sanremo Rock section with the song “Addormentarsi insieme“.

Fammi credere all’eterno“, a song from the same album sees Rosmy in the summer of 2019 on the stage of the Festival Show of Mestre and Jesolo, alongside the big names of Italian music. The video for the song sees the participation of Giovanni Storti, of the famous comedy group “Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo” and is awarded at the “Giornate del Cinema Maratea” as “Short Music Movie”. A review which rewards artists, directors, productions and composers of soundtracks who have distinguished themselves by their originality.

An ever-growing success for Rosmy who sees herself as the protagonist at one of the most important events in music, the M.E.I (Meeting of Independent Labels) in Faenza. Below we see her in the role of presenter with Mitch from Radio 105 at the Monza Music Festival and some stages of Miss World Italy 2019. In addition to various appearances in TV and radio shows, Rosmy has also performed in the film “Donne Lucane” where “Ho scelto di essere libera” is part of the soundtrack.

Today, she continues to amaze us with her latest piece “Ho tutto tranne te“, an explosion of determination and energy. The song released during the confinement period invites us to reflect on one of the true values ​​of life and of the human being: solidarity.

• “I could have health, money or a nice house, but it will never be enough if I have to give up the values ​​of life,” sings Rosamaria.

• Rosmy, let’s try to understand how you present yourself! Who is Rosmy?

• Who am I? Well, I’m a little bit abnormal, in the sense that I’m a bit of an artist in particular. Since I was a child, I have always been ambitious and even today when I decide to do something, I always try to do it but above all to do it well. Artistically, I did a bit of everything …

One day I met a director who came to the village to make an event. I followed his business so I had to move to Rome. I have performed in many theaters across Italy, with big names. I was an actress, but above all a popular music singer. With the musicians, we arranged popular pieces that we went to collect from old people in Italy. I then convinced the director to insert them into the theatrical texts in a modern way. I did not modify the dialect texts to keep the original sound.

• What did you learn from this fantastic experience?

• It was a very enriching experience for me. I loved collaborating, doing together, creating together. And the theater taught me the importance and the strength of the group.

• You’re a songwriter, aren’t you? When did you start writing songs?

• Leaving Rome, I arrived in Milan and wrote the first track “Un istante di noi” and after winning the 2016 Mia Martini Prize I realized it could work. So, I wanted to take my music in hand. Thus, was born my songwriting side. All songs are written by me, melody and lyrics, except for a few small collaborations.

• How has theater influenced your record production?

• I really like this transition from theater to discography. The theater taught me a lot, in particular to give importance to the human and social part. For me, music consists of communicating, sometimes of relieving, supporting, seducing …

You always have to bring your own ideas to life with respect but determination.

• What do you think of talent competitions?

• I am not a lover of talent; they create the certification and do not give room for the uniqueness of the artists as such. Talents follow very specific rules. I am not criticizing talent in general; I criticize the fact that there is a risk of creating habitual and obvious images when, on the contrary, the interpretations and the personalities can be different.

• How would you define yourself with three adjectives?

• Definitely spontaneous, determined and sometimes stubborn. I try to never be the same again, I love being an eclectic and constantly evolving artist. I like to touch others. I always follow my instincts, and then I think the important thing is never to be satisfied.

• Do you have any idols?

• Since I was little, I have listened to 360 ° music from Alanis Morissette, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits at Metallica. There has always been that biting rock side to me and that’s why I loved playing electric guitar as a teenager. Bands like The Coors have been a benchmark for me. I don’t like to copy; I like to make covers but in my own way.

• And what do you have in store for the future?

• The new single will be released in January. A piece that represents me a lot. This single will then anticipate the release of a new project. I can only say that it will be something new and more exciting.

What do you think about!