Why do people in their fifties like the twenty and the thirty-something, but for long-term relationships, they finally choose their women peers?

Dear ladies,

For the time being, I’d like to address, to you who are following me, the following subject.

After the mistral exhortation of the French writer Mr. Yann Moix who, during an interview with the magazine “Marie Claire”, stated: “I will tell you the truth, at 50 years old I am unable to love a woman of 50 years old. I find her too old. The body of a woman at the age of 25 is fantastic, on the other hand, at 50 is nothing extraordinary “; here is my opinion on this matter.

Looking at the statistics, It would seem that, we, men in their fifties, are attracted so much by the freshness of the twenty or thirty-something, but in the end, the relationships do not last and we project ourselves for more lasting and sentimental stories easily with our peers.

But let’s see why! Why are the fifty-year-old women really so special?


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It is really appropriate to say that they have the so-called “additional gear”! They are active on all fronts, both personal and professional. Some are grandmothers, others separated, divorced or widowed, but they do not lose the charm of seduction.

Fifty-year-old ladies, as compared to the young girls, are safer, more convinced, more determined and more reflective, thanks to the fruit of years of experience and sometimes of worries.

Schermata 2017-03-30 alle 12.32.22Inside the family, the fifty-year-old woman has to take care of the children and sometimes of the parents, both from a practical then moral point of view. In addition, most have a responsibility role at work so they must manage daily important schedules and tasks. Moreover, there is often a little bit of physical activities: gym, aqua-gym, dance, yoga, etc. in addition to aesthetics care: trendy clothes, hairdresser, beauty center.

Finally, women in their fifties do not really realize their high seduction power; they do not value themselves enough and prefer to stay alone for fear of being disappointed by a possible new meeting. A power, therefore, that goes beyond the simple physical aspect, but finds its maximum expression in the way of listening, behaving, reacting to a problem and posing, due to the result of years of lived experiences.

Dear ladies, to increase your seductive power, you should be convinced of it and that’s why I want to give you some suggestions in that regard:

  • Be convinced that seduction has no specific age.
  • You must never feel overcome and not up to par.
  • Be more social, do not couch surf in front of your favorite broadcast Tv. The Charming Prince will not come knocking on your house door. Enroll in the gym courses that you did not even think existed until now. You will meet other people who will in turn introduce you to new others.
  • Do not force yourself to have a relationship at all costs. Well ponder your choices!
  • Take care of your physical aspect and increase the value of yourself by doing massages and all you need to look interesting.
  • Let the other person understand that he is important to you. Be attentive and cutely.
  • If you are not used to it, learn to listen.Schermata 2019-01-22 alle 16.49.06
  • Relax yourself with massages and herbal teas.
  • Have sex, the more you do it and the more you want to practice it. However, this should not be a reason to stress, out if you do not feel the needs for it! Moreover, it is important to know that menopause indicates only the end of fertility, but not the end of sexuality for a woman.
  • Practice some sports or at least, walk! Sport helps the production of endorphins, the hormones of pleasure as well as toning up and removing stress.

Schermata 2019-01-22 alle 16.50.46Beyond these indications, please do not forget that you are yourself; in the end, men of the same age, if they truly love you, will see the physical aspect in a secondary way and will give more value to charm and elegance. The fifty-year-old man sees his woman in her entirety and gives more value, during the years, to other aspects, as for example the smile, the way of speaking and the body’s roundness, modify by time.



What do you think about!