“I find a fifty years old woman too old” M.Yann Moix said

A French writer, Mr. Yann Moix, recently affirmed in an interview of “Marie Claire” magazine: I will tell you the truth: at 50, I’m not able to love a woman of 50 years old. The body of a woman at the year of 25 is fantastic, on the other hand, at 50, is nothing extraordinary“.

My colleague and journalist Mrs. Cecilia Sterzi, from the web site: http://www.signoresidiventa.com, responded to this challenge. I completely agree with her and for this reason, I thought I would present You her article.

The French writer Mr. Yann Moix gave a contemptuous definition of fifty-year-old women, explaining that he could never love one and that he preferred the younger ones. But perhaps the poor one doesn’t know us very well.

Do you remember what Andy Warhol said? : “In the future, everyone will be famous for at least 15 minutes”. Then, maybe not really everyone, but Mr. Yann Moix has become so. His interview with the “Marie Claire” magazine was enough to make him gain notoriety. Cleverly, Mr. Moix understood that if he talked only about his books, he could never achieve the notoriety he covets so much, that’s why he thought to attack women. And what women!

We know that provocation is unfortunately a weapon that still works, especially now, that thanks to social networks, it becomes viral a second later its launch. But there is a big difference between an intelligent provocation and an attempt aimed to offend to make a sensation.


Schermata 2019-01-15 alle 22.32.36This is Moix’s statement to the interviewer who asked him: Could you ever love a 50 years old woman? To know that the complete answer given was: Oh no, do not exaggerate, it’s impossible, I find them too old, maybe when I will reach 60 years I’ll be able to do it, as a 50-years-old woman will seem to me young“. And as if that was not enough, the little man increased the dose by adding: The 50-years-old women are invisible to me, I prefer the bodies of young women, that’s all”. Stop. The body of a woman at 25-years-old woman is extraordinary, on contrary instead of a 50-years-old woman is not at all.


Well, the gentleman in question, who allows himself to define us old with a body that has nothing interesting, is 50 years old too and, in addition also ugly; moreover  he claims also, to have relationships only with 25-years-old Asians girls.

And now, Monsieur Moix, nothing is better to state that the games are made! In the sense that this man also played his last chance to be a literary talent, but that apparently doesn’t even got it at all.


Schermata 2019-01-15 alle 22.35.52Without even wanting to remind to Mr. Moix that among celebrities, there are a lot of fifty-years-old women of a beauty that surpasses so far the one of 25-years-old women, it would be enough for the little man in question to take a walk in the street to better realize that also us, the fifties years old women, are proud and beautiful too; and that taking regularly care of us, we can boast to result attractive and desirable women as well!

Yes, because, the fifties of the new millennium hope to live their old age in the next thirty years. In the meantime, even though they are well conscious of not having the same body as they were young, they live a wonderful age, showing a conscious beauty and ignored charm at age 25. We at http://www.signoresidiventa. com, really believe it, and we have created this web-site for that.


We all 50-years-old women, are mature and honest enough to well know that if we walk down the street with a 25-years-old colleague, men of our age will look at us as a second choice, maybe even considering us as mother and daughter. But we also know that in most cases, their thoughts will be: “A pretty girl, but the mother is also not bad”.

That’s quite simply to say that the theme is not the competition, but the difference of charm and seduction inherent to every age of life.

In addition to the gratuitous attacks that this little man decided to express for the only purpose of gaining visibility, what bothers me the most about Moix’s statements is the fact that the interviewer’s question was about the feeling of love, not sex or physical attraction. If it was concerned only to this last aspect, I could also calm down, but when you are asked if you could love a 50 years old woman and your answer is no, because it result to You too old, it is really unbearable!

Schermata 2019-01-15 alle 22.36.32Moreover, that could be a good reason to reverse the concept. Who knows what, this little man, would have said if he tried to approach a woman and resulted finally rejected because he was too old? Probably it really happened, since not all the 25-years-old Asians Girls have the vocation of caregivers.

Oh, yes my dear, because when you will be 75 years old and the 25-years-old woman of today will be a beautiful 50 years old lady, not only she will stay away from You, but if she will be also clever, she’ll get dry Your bank account!

In conclusion, my ladies, let this kind of guys find happiness with these young women, as we do not really care about this kind of men. Hoping that our daughters and granddaughters will never meet them in their life, but if this would happen, we would advise them to answer: “Try rather with my mother or my aunt, you’ll see that you’ll get a royal ” Fuck off ” from them too.



What do you think about!