Fashion trends for men, spring-summer 2019

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In order to start preparing your wardrobe for spring-summer 2019, here are the men fashion trends presented at the latest Fashion Week editions in the main European capitals. The lowest common denominator of these seasons will always be sportwear and streetwear with shorts and sport t-shirts. Two trends are contrasted with this tendency: the double-breasting and the minimalism as opposed to hyper-conservatism in recent years.

  1. The color par excellence of the spring-summer 2019 will be orange. A color that will not make us go unnoticed! Let’s get used to integrate it in our wardrobe in small doses, perhaps as simple accessories (belts, strap, scarves). We will see it in all clothes, from jackets to shirts to shorts.Schermata 2019-02-05 alle 09.30.05
  2. The logomania remains also this season. Shirts, sweaters, caps with the print of a designer label (Versace, Valentino, Fendi, Dior) and sixties prints will be widely available.
  3. Reenactment of the raincoat or the old “trench”, however re-fitted in a more practical and colorful version, fastened at the waist and worn with canvas trousers and square-toed ankle boots.
  4. The “trend” will be the retro dandy 60s style that is presented in a more stylized version: flared double-breasted blazer with gold buttons, oxford shoes in aged leather.
  5. There are also wide trousers in white and beige with braided belts to be worn with wide linen shirts.
  6. For the elegance we propose the “trench” khaki with logoed t-shirt, jeans and white sneakers.Schermata 2019-02-05 alle 09.56.53
  7. The suit becomes colored; in addition to orange, one will see colors like: pastel blue, coral, emerald green, lime, lemon yellow and electric blue, always in double-breasted slim fit with t-shirt in neutral colors or printed.
  8. One will witness the return of the scarf, to be worn with nonchalance to match not only classic garments, but also large shirts.
  9. The “cargo” style is also suggested, that is to say the restyling of a work clothes, therefore comfortable and with lots of pockets (Prada, Louis Vuitton). Also the “camouflage” style will be presented.Schermata 2019-02-05 alle 09.55.09
  10. Printed and colored shirts will also be worn under classic clothes.
  11. Shorts arrive and it will be the novelty of spring-summer 2019.
  12. In contrast to an imposing decorative and stratified garment, minimalism and a search for simplicity are also suggested.
  13. The return of the “bob hat” will be an essential accessory for the summer.
  14. The men’s bag will be in a very thin version, to be worn over the shoulder and placed under the arm.Schermata 2019-02-07 alle 23.03.22
  15. Glasses will be enveloping, thin and colored: the so-called model-frame cycling glasses with photochromic or polarized lenses, also in mirror, give a futuristic touch to the 80s.Schermata 2019-02-07 alle 23.06.39

Summing it up, one wear a classic style, but at the same time, innovative and comfortable. An elegant style accompanied by a sportswear style with important prints and signature logos. However, there is no lack of research into natural fiber fabric and tinted with plant colors, sometimes combined with PVC accessories.

However, I always reiterate the fact that fashion trends must direct oneself, but at the base of everything, there must always be a fair amount of elegance in order not to fall easily into ridicule. In fact, as the great Giorgio Armani says elegance is not standing out, but being noticed“.


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