What is the perfect present for a 50 year-old man?

The choice of a gift for a fifty-year old is not always a simple adventure and that’s why you have to opt for something original!  Whether it’s a birthday, a wedding or a special occasion, it should nevertheless surprise you…
Here below you can find some of my proposals that can be versatile, as they can be adapted to every type of man.

1 The Vintage turntable

turntableAn original object that allows you to recall childhood memories by listening to old vinyl records in the attic. It is the number one musical support able to give indescribable emotions. The modern versions allow you to be connected to an existing music system, allowing you to switch from an integrated speaker system to a Home Cinema system

2 The Laundry bag

Schermata 2018-10-23 alle 23.25.33.png

This is an original bag to hang in the bathroom. Once filled with dirty laundry it becomes a punch bag for training. Useful for sports lovers who do not want to deprive themselves of a daily workout.

3 The “empty pockets”


This ‘dumb waiter’ is an excellent solution for the tidier man that allows you to keep your everyday objects in order.

There are also various different types with built-in mirrors.

4 The wall “helmet holder”

It is a nice object that allows you to hang your helmet at home. Often for various reasons you don’t want to leave your helmet under the saddle and as a result you take it home, but you never know where to place it…

5 The table organizer

Schermata 2018-10-17 alle 09.24.16

For those who work in the office this is a great tool to keep your desk tidy with a dedicated space for a phone and a tablet. On the market there are various types but these wooden ones are the best!


6 Engraved pocket watch


A pocket watch can be something original and is back on trend. It can be personalised with a phrase or a date of your choice


7 Hot air balloon rideSchermata 2018-10-17 alle 09.48.21

For nature lovers, offering a nice trip in a balloon is definitely an original idea that will mark the 50th anniversary.

8 Drive a Ferrari on the track

A ride in Ferrari is certainly the dream of many, a short but intense emotion! This can also be combined with a visit to the Ferrari Museum in Maranello (Sassuolo – Modena).

Schermata 2018-10-17 alle 10.34.59

9 Decanter and bottle of fine wine

Schermata 2018-10-22 alle 18.05.44

For wine lovers a nice decanter could be a good choice. There are various types with innovative and appealing designs. To this we can add a bottle of a good wine, perhaps of the same vintage of birth year of the celebrated and by including a personalised message.

10 Weekend break

weekend romantico

Offering a gift voucher can be a good idea. There are various types available for every budget.

Packages for the whole family, a couple or just the celebrator.

11 Defrosting plate Thaw Plate


For fifty-year-old singles, such a tool could be very useful… It’ s easy to find on the internet. This is a defrosting plate that does not use electricity or batteries. A bio-degradable liquid accelerates the heat exchange by defrosting foods up to 4 times faster than conventional defrosting. Continuous operation: the internal liquid never goes replaced! It keeps the characteristics of the food unaltered, avoiding the microwave problems concerning thawing. It does not heat up, but removes excess water.

12 Kit for making your own beer


The dream of many men is precisely to be able to serve friends a beer of their own production. Here is a kit to make your own beer of your very own
You can indulge in making all kinds of beers: brown, white, blond, amber, etc all different from each other. And at the same time, many flavored beers!

13 A star with his name and surname


For the more romantic man, this is a truly original gift: a real star with the name of the loved one. A romantic gift that will last forever, with a certificate of the International Register of Stars. On the net there are several sites that offer this service. There are various gift packages on offer where you can choose different constellations and celestial mechanics.  We recommend this site: https://www.starling.global/au/

14 Klarstein vin-brulee kettle


It is an exclusive object that helps to brighten up evenings with friends both indoors and outdoors. Its primary function is to heat and keep the beverage contained inside, warm. The practical and fast delivery method make the vin-brulè kettle a really effective tool.





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