Men come from Mars and women from Venus (1st part)

But it’s really true that men come from two differents planets, Mars and Venus?

Well, that men prefer the values ​​of action, power and competition, while women give more importance to emotions and creativity, it’s established since a long time… Both belong to the same sort but are simply differents, not better, not worse. They live in different way and have completely different life rules. In any culture and everywhere, women and men will always have to laugh about their partner’s behavior.
In principle, the woman will always accuse man of being indifferent, not very sensitive, selfish, to think only of sex and only a little bit to love and to pee off the toilet… The man will always criticize the woman for driving, for the lack of orientation, for the fact of talking too much and often having a headache… The woman will always be amazed that the man is not attentive to details, when she, however, does not even notice the light of the oil on the dashboard!
From studies done, it seems that at the base of all this difference there is an explanation: the Y chromosome. Of the 46 chromosomes contained in each cell, two are linked to the sex of the individual; are the X and Y chromosomes. Women have two X chromosomes but it is the Y chromosome that determine sexual identity. In the first 6-7 weeks of embryonic life, the fetus has neither testicles nor ovaries, but simple gonads. Subsequently the work of specific “SRY” genes will give life to the male or female genitals organs.
However, the fact remains that the woman expects that the man behaves like her and that the man doesn’t understand why the woman cannot be more like him.
But let’s get a little bit more in through the differences:

To realize that something is wrong, women have a natural intuition, but men must assist to a crying crisis or a scene.

Women, as a procreatric, have an innate ability to more easily capture a state of pain, hunger, suffering, depression and aggression. The man as a procurer is not able to grasp the non-verbal signals or to use interpersonal communication techniques. It has been shown by brain exams that the male brain when at rest has at least 70% electrical activity switched off. On the other hand, at least 90% of women remain active and analyze, process information continuously.

Women have a more developed peripheral vision than men.

Schermata 2018-09-25 alle 23.47.01.pngWomen look at the male body as much as men, but their field of vision is much wider and the fact that they have more cones in the retina than men allows women to perceive colors more accurately. In some case, the peripheral vision of some women can reach up to 180 °. Men have a more tunneled view, so a narrower but longer range (like binocular). It’s therefore easier to catch them when they stare at a woman.
From here we can better understand why for the man he always hides everything to his woman !. The man, having a tunnel vision, in the fridge, for example, does not see the butter in front of him unless the word butter is clearly written in huges characters. This is because He simply locates the long-range objects betters. The male view is arranged for long distances.

Men cannot lie, women can do much better.

Schermata 2018-09-25 alle 23.23.18Or better … the little men could be able to lie with good results only on the phone, in the dark, by mail, by letter or with a bag in the head. Women are itinerant detectors, because of the great evolved sensory capacities they manage to perceive and analyze all the information. Moreover, the ability to transfer them quickly from one hemisphere to another makes them expert in decoding visual, verbal and other signals. Women can generally recognize a liar from far away.

Women do more things at a time, men no more than one.

Schermata 2018-09-22 alle 21.33.45This is well known due to the fact that women use both hemispheres simultaneously having more neuronal connections between the two hemispheres. In men, neuronal connections occur only within each hemisphere. For this reason, if the man has to prepare the pasta, waits in front of the pot that the water starts to boil before throwing the pasta. The woman instead before throwing the pasta in water, empty the dishwasher, prepare the table, blow the baby’s nose, wash the dog’s pebble and meanwhile call a friend. From this we understand how a woman is driving the car, putting on makeup, listening to the radio and talking on the phone with the speakerphone at the same time.

In front of a problem, women ask for confirmation, not a solution like

In front of a problem, women ask for confirmation, not a solution like men.

Women, being excellent speakers, when they ask something to men is not to have a solution to a problem, but simply a confirmation. If they ask for advice, they do so even if they have already chosen before. So in front of the question: “I put the gold or black shoes?” The man does not have to give an answer, but only has to ask: ” Have You already an idea?”. Although she has already decided which ones, she will say “Well I thought those gold, because I have so many golden accessories in my dress”. At this point the man will have to answer “Excellent choice! You will be divine! I like them! “Of course, the man will spend a wonderful evening!
All this to say that women ask to be heard and seek solidarity for their choice.
Men in front of a problem thanks to their “monofunctional” brain at the end of the day as they are able to store it. Women instead, ruminate and their goal is to get rid of it not to solve it.

We have to talk about us” this sentence pronounced by a woman would also put such a Superman in crisis.

The woman must speak to maintain interpersonal relationships and to participate in the conversation. Man speaks to expose the facts. For humans, the telephone is a means of communication to refer facts and information to others, for women it is a means of creating or reinforcing a bond.
A woman after having been an afternoon with her mother or a friend, can calmly go back, with the same people, another 2 hours on the phone.
Thanks to the multifunctional brain, women are able to talk about multiple topics simultaneously and also interact with other women engaged in a similar discussion. This ability disconcerts men, who, having a monofunctional brain, can only deal with one issue at a time. Man speaks in a more concise and structured way and the conclusion is clear. The woman to be understood will have to expose one idea at a time clearly and slowly otherwise the man is lost.

Schermata 2018-09-25 alle 23.25.12

How women speak and how men speak.

In a discussion, women use words without giving a real weight to their meaning and therefore should not be taken literally or pointed out.
“If I found a woman sitting next to me with the same exact dress, I would like to die!” She says. With this sentence the woman does not intend to say that there are no worse things in the world or even less really thinks of dying. A man would answer “No, you would not die, there are things much more serious”. Man, therefore, always points out the logical aspect, the woman the most imaginative one.

How they listen to women and how they listen to men.

Schermata 2018-09-25 alle 23.20.53

Women capture the meaning of the conversation from the gestures and the intonation of the voice, manifesting, with the expressions of the face, the mood of the interlocutor.
Instead, man remains impassive so as not to reveal his feelings. This attitude allows him to keep the control of the situation. It does not mean, however, that you do not feel feelings and emotions. It is scientifically proven that you feel the feelings with the same intensity of the woman but that avoids to show them. For biological reasons it would be impossible for the man and his auditory apparatus to decode the sounds with a certain frequency typical of the female voice.
From a study it would appear that women emit sounds with different and more complex frequencies of men due to the shape of the vocal cords and larynx. The female sounds would urge the entire auditory area of ​​the brain, while the male voice would only urge a small area. The female voice would cause tiredness in the human brain.
It has been shown that an average man listens to his partner for only a few minutes. But if the topic is interesting, listening can take up to 15 minutes. The topics that are generally less interesting for humans are unknown people, television personalities, fashion, music and social media. The Machiavellian of women done it on purpose, makes sure to test them.

I therefore recommend to men, for the quiet life, to often answer “Yes, yes” accompanying everything with a good dose of facial expressiveness!

What do you think about!