Male cosmetics for visage

It seems strange but the male’s make-up has always existed, since prehistoric times, at the time of the Egyptians, both the Romans and in the 16th and 17th centuries. The term “maquillage” was born in this period thanks to Louis XIV; besides the use of wigs, men powdered their faces. The male’s Maquillage, for a long time abandoned, returns today with a great relevance. Not just for necessity in photos shoots, cinema, television, etc. today, man is modernizing and approaching a make-up that is much more discreet than the one of women. The aim is to improve the appearance by highlighting the merits but at the same time masking any imperfections: cover pimples and dark eyes circles or let appear the face thinner.

Let’s debunk the concept that males make-up will lose manhood!

Schermata 2018-09-08 alle 16.26.12The important thing is that the products should applied in small quantities on a well-hydrated skin in order to always get a natural look. Several products used in women’s makeup can also be used for men except eye shadows and lipsticks. The masculine products are however suitable in the shades of color and studied, in fact, for the male skin.

These are the main beauty products


ScrubThe product contains microspheres and / or micro-granules of mineral origin. Passed on the face avoiding the eyes contour, eliminates superficial impurities. It is indicated for the most sensitive skin and subject to the accumulation of impurities. It is very practical for those who have not much time.



It is a more structured treatment than the previous one because it requires a substantial laying time. Preferably, it is better to do it in the evening time. It can be suitable for all skin types and acts deeper.


These products are used to obtain a deeper epidermal purification than the two previous products. They are often made of lactic and glycolic acid, but also of acids extracted from fruits. This treatment, ideal for oily skins, should be done no more than once a month, in order to avoid irritation and redness.


Schermata 2018-09-08 alle 22.39.31To be used occasionally, as needed. They are generally applied on the nose after humidifying the area to be treated. Once the patch is dry and hardened it can be removed. During the patch removal work, the same will extirpate the black spots that will remain attached to it.


Regardless of the make-up, this product should be used to prevent the skin from dehydrating. With makeup, the skin must be well cleaned and hydrated. However, I always recommend a facial scrub treatment (avoiding the eyes contour) with the products indicated above. On the clean skin, apply a layer of moisturizing cream so that the makeup lasts longer.


If the skin is mainly greasy in the T area (forehead, nose, and chin) due to an excess of serum you will have to resort to a mat effect cream. The serum’s excess is nothing else than a skin protection that closes the pores giving this shiny appearance. Oily skin must be hydrated as well but not nourished.



To hide wrinkles, you need to focus on women’s products. In the case of colored creams, I recommend using a slightly lighter tone than your skin complexion. These products go to smooth or eliminate signs of fatigue. There are various cosmetics products in commerce: gel formula or liquid in sticks. The latter gives a feeling of freshness and deflation while the first disguises wrinkles. Using them both, will grant you excellent results. It is important, to ensure that the product penetrates well into the skin, tap the contour of the eyes with your fingertips and spread the product well.


In order to correct some imperfections of the skin, I recommend a light layer of foundation. The color should be as close as possible to the hue of your skin complexion and the quantity to be applied reduced. To cover the pimples the concealer can be very useful.


It is applied to the lips to protect them from the cold and from the wind. It is not considered as a cosmetic. Of course avoid colored products, perfumed or shiny versions and orient yourself rather on mat and moisturized versions in any case not glossy.

Moreover, it is still important to choose the right product. If after applying the product you will see a white patina or lumps appearance, it means that the product used is very chemical and therefore aggressive for the lips. I would rather recommend a product that contains natural products: beeswax, coconut butter, shea butter, almond oil or other natural moisturizers. Avoid products on the market that contain animal fats because they would only grease the lips without protecting them.


Used mainly in television and / or in the cinema or anyway when you have to spend a lot of time under the spotlights. It is colorless and should be applied with a brush or a sponge and serves to prevent sweating and therefore the brilliant effect. Applying a light layer then the skin will result smooth and on the pictures, you will not have the shiny and sweaty look.


The only one I can recommend is the transparent one, as it does nothing more than highlight a little more the lashes giving a natural wet look. Absolutely avoid colored ones unless the eyelashes are really thin. In this case, choose a color that is as closer as possible to the hair, for a blonde-haired person I suggest a brown mascara instead than for a dark one a black mascara.

The purpose of mascara is to highlight the look. The important thing is that it remains always discreet and in any case natural.


Schermata 2018-09-08 alle 22.34.03In commerce, there are different specialized products born in recent years with the return of the beard. Shaving shampoos unlike hair shampoos are much more delicate. They remove the natural oils in part, making the beard clean and hydrated at the same time, thus avoiding irritation and dandruff. In general, however, shampoos for hair have the main purpose of eliminating the sebum that makes the hairs dirty. On the market there are various kind of products with spicy or lime scents.



It is a cream that serves to moisturize and shave the beard. Given to its viscosity, it’s more important than oil, it is necessary to heat it by putting a little product on the palm of the hands and rubbing until all the lumps have disappeared. At this point, you have to well massage the beard. Unlike oil, the product penetrates more slowly into the beard. With a brush then comb. The balm is mainly indicated for those with a very dry beard.


Unlike the balm, oil is liquid. Not only nourishes the beard, but also moisturizes the skin, for this reason it can be used since the beginning of growth. Unlike the balm, oil is absorbed very quickly and prevents the formation of dandruff. It can also be combined with balm, but it is necessary to avoid mixing different essences.


  • Use a scrub cream once a week or every 2 weeks to eliminate dead cells.
  • Apply moisturizers.
  • Every day use the anti-wrinkle cream.
  • To avoid the glossy effect, do not neglect the use of cream or powder mat.
  • Do not use foundation, limit yourself only to the concealer (powder for oily skin and cream for dry skin)
  • Do not forget the lip balm
  • To highlight the look, apply a transparent mascara
  • For the beard, use a proper shampoo followed by an oil or a conditioner.
  • DO NOT EXCEED IN THE QUANTITIES, in order not to lose manhood, to maintain a natural and discreet appearance.


Schermata 2018-09-08 alle 23.21.00Even the eyebrows must be treated. It is necessary to eliminate the excess of hairs that come out of the eyebrows line and thin out the most voluminous areas. But you should not get the so-called eyebrows “seagull wings“.

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