The fifties of class

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It is said that age doesn’t matter, the important thing is to remain young in spirit. When you are 50’s, if you want to rouse interest with a little bit of modernity, dressing becomes a challenge. All you need is a few tricks and a small personal investment to make the appearance more and more reflects your personality, to look like a youthful appearance.
Some suggestions for you:

• To FOCUS ON THE CLOTHES’ QUALITY AND MANIFACTURE: the fact of having a certain financial autonomy can allow you to choose items of quality that can last longer and which don’t necessarily go out of fashion. Try to keep integrity as much as possible with some practical tricks. In the wardrobe it must not miss:
– A black leather jacket to wear with jeans and a T-shirt.
– 3 or 4 cashmere’s sweaters or V-neck merino’s wool to wear over a white T-shirt or shirt.
– Trendy sunglasses and a nice watch.
You don’t need to have haute couture garments, but they should be of good quality that can bring a bit of freshness and good taste.

• TO FOCUS ON TAILORED SUITS: wearing clothes that are well adapted to your size and shape take advantage and allow you to feel better and more relaxed. Jeans should not be too tight neither too wide, it would be better to try different brands to test the ones that dress better on You. If You may think it can helpful You could ask to readjust them by the tailor. A careful and non-aggressive washing is necessary to keep the colors alive and bright.

• WITH SNAKERS DO NOT EXCEED: Limit them to sports and / or free time opportunities. To be elegant for sure, it’s suitable to prefer shoes with suede or leather laces. Espadrilles or fabric shoes are better for hot days, while a pair of ankle boots or moccasins for autumn or winter days.
Remember that:

1) more the shoe is decorated and pierced, more you will get an informal style.

2) the moccasin should never be worn under a suit.

• TO PREFER A RELAXED CHIC STYLE: in order to look like younger? Yes, but for this reason we do not exaggerate with bright colors. Use more classic colors: beige, camel, navy, gray and dark green. Opting on a tone-on-tone matching with colors in the same tone scale. Light shirt with light fantasy and sweater of the same color but darker. Or high-neck sweater, obviously, without a shirt.

• TO TAKE CARE OF BEARD AND HAIR: Do not neglect the barber, the beard must always be refined and treated with appropriate oil. The contours must be clean and clear. The hair should never be left uncombed and preferably short. If you prefer long hair this must be absolutely well cared and washed with quality products to prevent early loss.

• THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TO FIND OUT YOUR OWN STYLE: The choice of one’s own style is to choose the trends that best suit and highlight one’s own personality. Fashion is a matter of style and more the dress reflects your personality more suits you!

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