Here I am!

Clive Owen wrote: “… Being 50 years old makes me feel young. Because if you are healthy and if You are alble to celebrate half a century with your family, looking at how much your children have grown up, you have a complete sense of life, of what you have lived, conquered, and why not even lost. My balance is positive and I consider myself much more interesting today than I was 20 or 30 years ago “.

A British research has shown that the root of happiness is not work, neither money, nor the fact of being single or married person of having or not children. Happiness, simply, is in the age that determines our degree of satisfaction: from the age of 30 up to all the 40 we go down in the swamp, at 49 we touch the bottom of the sadness, at 50 we begin to rise, at 60 we wait an existential ecstasy.

Joseph Stiglitz wrote: “… from the age of 50 an ancient modern wisdom is born, which makes us be happy, if not completely happy, of what we are and what we will be. A form of lucidity that frees us from the anxiety of 30-40 and comforts us while we look at that intact  slice of good life. We await for new physical and psychological resources on a table that we have set for ourselves during the time “.

I can really identify myself a lot in these concepts and in the nobility of the thought they express.

I’ve always been attracted by fashion, by “bon-ton” and everything that creates physical and mental confort, I’m always looking for new topics, styles and ideas to then provide advice and suggestions, in particular, to contemporaries, but attention … not only!

Pierluigi PANCIROLI, 53 years old.

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