Could the shirt be worn outside the pants?

Yes! However, only if it is short and in any case without a jacket. In any case, the length of the shirt must never exceed the imaginary low line of the trousers pockets. It’s suitable to wear it with the casual style of the linen shirts with a slim and tight fit in order to avoid the “potato sack” effect. The shirt outside is also good under a leather jacket, under a “round neck” sweater or a cardigan … always on condition that it comes out only a few centimeters, we will obtain the classic “scruffy looking” look. The shirt worn inside is refined, also slim for those who can afford it, however of course of an elegant well cut and ironed.

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T-shirt with V-neck or round neck?

The round neck fits all morphologies. The T-shirt must be of the right size and always in solid colors. However, be careful, for those who have a squat neck it is advisable to “V” neckline that stretches, while it is not recommended for those with broad shoulders and a physical body. The length should be only 10 cm below the belt. It can be worn under a sweater, a casual jacket or a cardigan.
The “V” neckline is limiting and cannot be worn with the clothes indicated above.
As for the sleeves, my advice is to have them always adherent to the skin, never too wide.

How many bracelets is suitable to choose?

Do not exceed into 4 bracelets per wrist and preferably mix the shapes and materials. Beware, however, the too much stromb! Braided, in leather, in wooden balls, etc. they must still maintain a harmony of style. They must not be too showy, especially if made of metal. They should be placed on the opposite arm to the one with the watch. The metal and leather bracelets are always elegant, while those in fabric are very casual. However, they always must be chosen based on the occasion and the event. To give a little brush stroke of color, I prefer colorful pearls bracelets as I retain they are more suitable for a mature man.

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What shoes to wear without socks?

The moccasin and the “slip-on” are the most suitable, even the sneakers, maybe in fabric or espadrilles … even in leather. However, in order to avoid problems of sweating, don’t forget to always put the “ghosts” or invisible socks.


What to match with white trousers?

I recommend, never too wide in the leg and in order to grant a summer look it can be rolled up. It can be combined with a mustard, tobacco, gray or light blue shirt, maybe a little shabby. Moccasin or slip on, without socks or with bright colored socks is a must.


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