Gentleman Suit

Gentlemen Style (2a parte)

Here are some dressing’s tricks:

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• The colors are: black, gray and blue. Light colors preferable only in summer time.
• The dress ‘shoulder should not be too short or overflowing, 1 cm after the end of your shoulder is ideal.
• The pockets should never be filled.
• Never take off your jacket when sitting at the table without asking before the ladies’ consent.
• A split jacket is always more elegant.
• The shirtsleeve, preferably blue, during daytime occasions, can protrude by 1 cm from the cuff of the jacket.
• In a classic suit the jacket must exceed over the trousers ’crotch.


• Never wear a shirt with short sleeves under a jacket.
• In the neck of the shirt the so-called “ossicini” are very important, they keep it taut and in fold.
• Never roll up the sleeves.
• Embroidered initials should not be visible when wearing a jacket.
• The tie must reach the belt and the tip must be two centimeters above the belt.
• The tie must never be the same color as the handkerchief, however, must repeat the color of the tie … however, the safest and most elegant choice is always to prefer the white color.
• The tie must not be the same color as the shirt, which is getting darker.
• The shirt’s fantasy must always to be combined with a solid color suit.
• The handkerchief can replace the tie and could be in white color for the evening and formal events, while in a fantasy design for the daytime and for informal events.



• The trousers pleats are ideal for robust build people.
• The trousers flap is suitable only for long-line physicists and the length must be to the malleolus.
• The trousers hem must be 1 cm from the heel, that means to fall on the shoe’s hell
• The inner lining must reach the knee.
• The belt should be worn just below the navel and in classic clothing the length should be such as to fulfill the second or third hole.
• The color of the belt in a classic dress must always be combined with shoes.
• The belt has 5 holes and the barb must always be in the central one.
• More the belt is low, more formal it appears.
• The socks should not be too short when sitting down, the leg should never result uncovered. The socks must be chosen of the same suit’s color but never of the shoes.

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• In evening events they must always be the same color as the belt.
• The most indicated shoe is the ‘Oxford’ model.


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• The etiquette says that the only jewels permitted to the Gentleman are the wedding ring and the watch.
• Even cufflinks if you are wearing a shirt with double cuffs.
• The tie-clip serves to grant a neat and classy look.

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