Style snippets: what to do and what not to do!

Schermata 2019-07-26 alle 15.13.33We have always been told “everyone has his tastes because tastes and colors are not discussed!”

But are we really sure? I would say no. For so many years, we believed so because that is what we were told by those who knew little about the assortment of clothing and colors. Then one day came the magazines and websites mainly devoted to “fashion”.

Fashion should inspire us, but should not influence us completely, as this could lead to ridicule. Each personality must look for its style among the different proposals that stylists offer us.

In addition to the codes already mentioned in my previous articles, there are others that should not be compromised in the search for style. I will give you some examples.

Invisible socks: yes or no?

Schermata 2019-07-26 alle 15.01.42Yes, but only in summer and for sneakers, brogues or moccasins, and provided they are not seen.

No, with stylish shoes that only tolerate short socks.

The disadvantage of invisible socks is that they are not comfortable and after only a few steps, they slip into the shoe. They are not very hygienic because most are made from non-breathable materials.

An alternate that is increasingly being proposed in recent times is to always wear short socks. Under slightly curled cuffed trousers, socks in assorted colors, even bright, reminiscent of a detail of the shirt or t-shirt.

Always remember that with a formal outfit, the sock is mandatory and must be long enough not to give a glimpse of the hairy leg when sitting.

The swimsuit: underpants or swim shorts?

Schermata 2019-07-26 alle 15.27.14Well, for the choice, of course, the physics is doing its part. Chooser briefs or tight shorts only if you’re slim or muscular. Let fancy boxers long to surf and Hawaiian beaches fanatics, or young people. If you love shorts, choose one that covers at least three-quarters of the thigh, if it is well formed. If the thigh is really thin, the length of the shorts should be half of the thigh. Only those with well-defined quadriceps can afford a shorter length. The solid hue or with light patterns (stripes or lines) is certainly the most elegant. Remember that for colors that are too dark: black or dark blue, the sun will fade them in the long run.

Leave tight boxers in their bag of the pool with the glasses: these are totally unsightly and unappealing at the beach.

For fans of the typically Italian short jersey, it must still have a little foresight: it must not be too short, at least 7-8 cm and must define the buttocks without highlighting them too much because nobody wants to see you in thong.

Short shorts: Bold men, show your legs!

Schermata 2019-07-26 alle 15.30.09The shorts are shorter and closer to the length of those from the late 60s to the early 80s. In last year’s parades we had already presented, and those of 2019 have confirmed it : these are very short shorts, like those for running or vintage tennis. This highlights a mischievous aspect of “bad boy” (or rebellious boy). The biggest brands offer them in different forms, they are the true trend of the summer of 2019. The shorts become an important part of the dress that showcases a sexier and more captivating man. It can also be worn with high shoes and a cotton sweater or jacket. So men: dare and show your thighs!

What to wear with high-waisted pants?

Schermata 2019-07-26 alle 15.32.04The high-waisted trousers characterize the 90s and represent a classic of men’s fashion. The important thing is to follow certain criteria. By increasing the size, they adapt very well to tight-fitting shirts (slim-fit), short-sleeved shirts, long shirts and even t-shirts. These must be monochrome so as not to break patterns and possible geometries and must be placed absolutely inside the trousers, thus marking a clear demarcation line between the top and the bottom. Fantasy is not quite recommended for this kind of pants.

You can match a sweater or jacket, but they should not be too long, as they would break the overall harmony.

Linen shirt: wide or narrow cut?

Linen is a totally ecological material, natural and hypoallergenic, ideal for delicate skin. Its main characteristic is to be cool on the skin and at the same time, it is able to protect the skin from the summer heat.

The linen shirt, according to the use, is wide or adjusted. Under a jacket or jacket, it must necessarily be adjusted, to avoid blousing effect very unsightly. Above jeans, Chino pants, shorts and Bermuda shorts, it can be worn comfortably wide, enhancing a casual outfit.

What shirt to wear under a very light suit?

Schermata 2019-07-26 alle 15.35.50Obviously, a clear shirt is not recommended to avoid making one clear block.

I recommend a contrasting shirt in defined blue, green or brown tones or dark in a fresh fabric. Avoid all bright fabrics under the jacket.

If the suit is plain, the shirt may be lightly striped or plaid.

If the suit is striped, the shirt must be plain but contrasted.

How to match a flower shirt?

Schermata 2019-07-26 alle 15.37.33You need some precautions to have a perfect outfit and not to fall into ridicule.

Main rule: never wear more than four colors together, even if they are the same hue. It is very important that coats, strictly united, take up one of the colors of the shirt, so as to follow a single thread.

This can be combined with a chino or a jeans.

For the combination of colors, the famous Itten circle should be used. In fact, you can match the colors close to each other, but also with other shades of the same color. You can also venture with diametrically opposed colors. White and black are not colors; they can be matched with everything.

Should the men’s headscarf replace the tie?

Absolutely yes. This outfit, preferably silk, should be worn with a shirt unbuttoned on 2-3 buttons to give a casual look. If the scarf is patterned, it may be worn with a plain shirt and must have the color of the shirt in its pattern. With a fancy or patterned shirt, the strictly plain scarf should have the same color or slightly darker than the shirt.


For decades, men’s fashion has not seen a major transformation. The man dressed without worrying too much about the details and the little things that make the difference. Today, however, things have changed and so, to avoid falling into style errors, some basic criteria must be followed. It’s time to do a wardrobe renewal to find your style.


What do you think about!