Some useful suggestions underneath the sheets.

The more a man ages, the more he needs a woman capable of taking care scrupulously of his body, even and especially in moments of intimacy. But appearing seductive and exciting requires some acts to be managed with love and passion. Here are some useful suggestions underneath the sheets.

Schermata 2019-07-21 alle 09.52.11By now, it is clear that making love is good for all ages, but you ladies know what drives a man crazy in bed and makes his hormones grow, especially when her partner is an over 50. Without being as presumption as wanting to teach anyone anything, here is a series of suggestions that I believe will make you even more seductive and exciting than you already are …

But do you know what makes a man go crazy in bed?

  1. That the woman takes initiatives and is spontaneous.
  2. Show him the desire and pleasure in doing what he does. For a man, to see an eager and excited woman sends him into ecstasy.
  3. That you show him attentions, that you are sweet and delicate.
  4. Tell him or, even better, whisper “I love you“.
  5. That she is wearing erotic clothes that allow us to glimpse and allow us to fantasize.
  6. That he is given a blowjob, not in a mechanical way, but as if it were the discovery of a new practice by the woman.
  7. Let your testicles be gently caressed not only with your hands, but also with your mouth and tongue. Being one of the most sensitive areas of man because, the skin is much finer and more sensitive.
  8. Let your penis be massaged gently, always as if it were the discovery of something new. In this practice, the woman must let herself be guided.
  9. Kiss him. A passionate kiss is one of the most important forms in the preliminaries. This obviously does not only concern the mouth, but all parts of the body.

The importance of the preliminaries especially for us “aging young people” is fundamental. An increasingly fragile erection and performance anxiety mean that men increasingly need a woman who cares for her body, caresses it and does not consider it a sexual object.

Women are even more sensitive to foreplay than men, they need more patient preparation. Also, for them, the rules of desire are always valid: whispered sweet words, kisses everywhere and caresses on the skin, especially on the breast and in the pubic area.

Schermata 2019-07-21 alle 09.55.36Even an erotic massage after a stressful day is a practice much appreciated by the fairer sex. The massage must relax and stretch the muscles and must not necessarily lead to orgasm.

You can then add games that serve primarily to increase excitement. Blind the eyes and then begin to touch the skin and in particular the more erogenous parts, whispering at the same time determined words, but at the same time making the level of sexual desire increase.

Beyond these games, the fact remains that there is nothing more exciting than looking directly into the eyes during the performance and simply communicating the pleasure with the eyes.

At this point I just have to tell you: “In bed …!”


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