Men’s outdoor clothing: winter 2020

The TGV Italo departed from Reggio Emilia AV at 8:23 am and arrived punctually at 12:33 pm at Naples central station. Francesco Ambrosecchia had already arrived an hour earlier.

Always impeccable with his style, detail was his strong point. Nothing was left to chance. We were at our second meeting and for the occasion we had chosen a very famous American Wine Bar in the Parthenopean city: the Barril. A vintage and elegant wine bar with shabby furniture and a real wine cellar.barril.jpg

Located a stone’s throw from the sea in the panoramic area of ​​Piazza Vittoria, a few minutes’ walk from the famous Piazza del Plebiscito.

We started tasting refined finger food that we accompanied with a glass of Campi Flegrei Piedi Rosso DOC “Vignamadre” red wine 2014 – La Sibilla.

The objective of our meeting was to discuss in order to give directions for the choice of a garment to wear at this time of the year:

Classic and modern coats, puffer jackets, shearling, Montgomery and parkas, the best trends to cover yourself in style during the winter season.

Schermata 2019-12-07 alle 12.27.20By browsing through the many magazines that Francesco had brought in his briefcase, we discussed the different trends for this winter 2020.

Inevitable for the cold season, coats evolve to combine functionality and style, thanks to continuous research aimed at making the most traditional fabrics and materials of the male wardrobe incredibly efficient. The proposals range from down jackets to quilted leather jackets, to simple or lined coats, reinvented thanks to innovative processes.

In men’s winter fashion, you cannot miss the leather jacket or the bomber jacket, preferably black but also appreciated in brown tones or with vintage finishes. The leather coat has become one of the essential clothes not to be missed in winter men’s fashion. Among the clothes that dictate men’s fashion trends, we find colorful down jackets with logo, perfect for facing the cold with models charged with energy. Short models are favored in everyday life, practical and ideal to combine everywhere for everyday occasions. For the down jackets, we turn to the choice of technical fabrics, without sacrificing attention to design to favor experimentation with materials. The new trends manage to balance the two aspects, so as not to disappoint or make vain the least effort of utility and image. Schermata 2019-12-07 alle 13.07.45The durability of a common down jacket is based on those used in mountaineering, with goose down padding. And if, on the one hand, consumer well-being is satisfied, on the other hand, the emphasis is on respect for the planet, on recycling materials, and on the way in which the ecological approach in the world of fashion is not only possible, but also fruitful in results. This also applies to parkas, coats much appreciated by men when the real cold comes. We are used to seeing the classic parka in military green, always warm and comfortable. But for men’s fashion 2020, the trends point to new models and colors, even in bright shades that better match the colors of the clothes. It is the fashion of a reality in constant evolution, even if there are also classic coats, master key of the masculine elegance of each autumn-winter. The coat, the leader in elegant, warm and sumptuous men’s fashion, is considered the ideal ally to face the cold. Colorful, in tartan or declined in other very chic versions, it is an essential element to have in the wardrobe for a style not necessarily classic but simply personal! But the “jewel” among the coats of the current fall-winter season is the Montgomery. With its maxi hood and original buttons, the Montgomery is one of the main coats of men’s fashion for fall winter 2019-20, rediscovered in new interpretations of streetwear with a classic style. He is no longer the now obvious leader of the 60s worn by good boys to get out of high schools and take to the streets to demonstrate: What is called duffel coat, a little little lord, a little outsider. A dichotomy that is reflected today in the collections of designers, some won over by his good-natured side, others by his rebellious vein. There are those who focus on the spirit of Tom Boy and exalt him through bright colors: fluorescent yellow by Versace, fiery red for Kent & Curwen.Schermata 2019-12-07 alle 13.08.07

Who, through new cuts and materials, transforms it into a full-fledged male coat: like Valentino, who says goodbye to the sailor’s trapezoidal volumes and transforms it into an “all-in-one” outerwear, structured and extra long; or Berluti, who wants it ultra sophisticated, black and especially in sheepskin (shearling). A “new” unlined version of the Montgomery is very light, on the other hand, for a relaxed, almost waterproof look. And if the street trend continues to dominate the international fashion scene, Emporio Armani translates it into a fleece duffle coat, while Diesel discovers in nylon its keystone.

It is understood, however, that outerwear, especially during the cold season, represents the calling card of your own style. Wear the coat as if it were your free and personal identity card, without fear of being diminished or out of place but with the desire to be yourself by showing your ego and your choice to wear.

What do you think about!