Men’s Evening Wear for the End-of-Year Holidays

Francesco Ambrosecchia, the expert in masculine style, and I, we met at the bar-restaurant “Caffè Ciampini di Marco Ciampini” for our usual meeting to discuss a topical subject: men’s evening wear for the End-of-Year Holidays.

The location in the center of the Trinità dei Monti, between the Piazza di Spagna and the Villa Medici with its splendid and welcoming terrace offers an enchanting view over the rooftops of Rome and lends itself perfectly to the subject in question.

The holidays are approaching … Christmas 2019 is now here, then the new year!

So, what better opportunity than this to give free rein to your creativity by choosing how to express your style during these festive days? Let’s dispel a myth: the men of the new millennium inherited a good deal of style concerns that seemed to be the exclusive preserve of women. Therefore, advice on how to dress on New Year’s Eve should be given too, so that he arrives with “style” and a very personal look at midnight! It is never too early to think about the clothes that will make us shine for New Year 2020. There is no Must to respect … obviously! But often, the New Year is considered an elegant event more than Christmas itself. If, on vacation from December 24th to 26th, you want to feel comfortable in weird and warm outfits in red tones, on the 31st evening you will move towards a more chic, more elegant and often more complex look. But on the other hand, traditionally Christmas is family, it’s warmth, it’s simplicity, it’s everything that makes you feel good with the people you love, no matter what you wear. The 31st evening rather represents the evening of passage between past and future … the event that many expect as a turning point in the name of new uses, adrenaline all concentrated in the stroke of midnight! The choice of a look rather than another varies depending on the type of evening in which you plan to participate for the occasion, also according to your mood. While some choose to wait for the New Year by spending the New Year in the mountains, others prefer to stay at home and have dinner with relatives and / or friends, repeating the Christmas situation, and many others prefer to participate to events that certainly require a more elegant and formal style. In this case, the ultimate men’s clothing is always … the tuxedo!

In the United States, the 1930s tuxedo began to integrate into daily life and thus achieved the status of “maximum male elegance“. Today, the tuxedo is a garment that is only worn for important dinners, gala evenings and outings that require a sought-after wardrobe. The tuxedo is a chic costume that represents the winning combination of sensuality and dress control. The classic version is black, also called “black tie”. Over time, midnight blue was added to replace the classic black and white which saw its debut in the era of large cruises and open-air parties, giving elegance mixed with lightness. You can always wear it exclusively after sunset, that is to say when the elegance of a dark suit meets the warmth and mystery of the night (if, in the invitation received, you find written ” black tie “it means that a tuxedo is necessary).

Schermata 2019-12-23 alle 13.52.38In fact, I intend to offer some tips below, or at least report some trends from the new year 2020, now imminent. If the woman oscillates between elegant but also sexy clothes, short or long models that follow the trends of New Year 2020 or golden reflections, silver reflections, fluffy tulle, glitter and Christmas red, evening wear for him must shine with gold and silver, from outerwear to accessories. New Year and Christmas looks must include an element of brilliance so as not to go unnoticed (sparkling coats, shiny blazers, dazzling jackets, etc.). In any case, my intention was never to advise and force a style that is not really yours, no matter if it is only one evening, just to follow the new trends of the moment. Therefore, I offer you again the quintessential New Year’s outfit, now timeless but also easily customizable, the tuxedo! The tuxedo outfit, originally, consists of a strictly white shirt with long sleeves and double cuffs to insert cufflinks. The collar with the points must accommodate the bow tie, rigorously knotted by hand. The band must be of the same fabric and the color of the bow tie. The folds must face up in order to insert the chain watch. Some stylists offer a tuxedo with side bands in black satin. These extend over the entire length of the pants and cover the side seams, giving the pants a certain charm of traditional taste and at the same time refined. The shoe, “the first but not the last”, is the accessory that completes the outfit. They must be strictly black, regardless of the color of the jacket and the bow tie. The dandies carry them in a varnished slipper bordered with large grain. Others prefer black velvet or brushed black leather which is more contemporary, but still classic. If what has been said so far can be summed up as “the Gospel” on how to wear a tuxedo, for the elegant man, this is the year of the thin, tight and tight tuxedo. In general, even if you don’t want to put on a jacket and tie, it’s good to opt for a white shirt to combine with a vintage bow tie or fancy cuff links, in order to make real accessories. jewelry. The only rule I want to remind you of – I’ve been saying this for a while now – is to dress to feel good about yourself, even elegant, in context. Be brilliant for yourself (always), by wearing this veil of refinement with sobriety and always guaranteeing a touch of sensuality.

And with that, I wish you with immense affection a

Merry Christmas and a sparkling 2020!

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