How to make your partner spend more time with you than with friends! Here are my tips …

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Having many friends is certainly very important. However, when friends take a more important space than love, they must try to make the partner understand that something in the relationship is not working.

Friendship is definitely a very strong feeling and the presence of friends when we are in difficulty is fundamental, in general, they are the first ones that arise. With them we spend fun moments, holidays, school and weekends together.

But we must balance the time to spend with friends and the time to be reserved for the couple. Passing moments together reinforces bond and complicity.

It can sometimes be that the partner does not realize it and that the estrangement or lack of affection are due only to problems related to his daily life. It is then necessary to take the situation in hand and try to understand and then act and … bring everything back to normal.


Here you will find below 20 behaviors I advise to be taken to resolve the situation:

  1. To try to understand the reasons for this removal: anxiety from work stress, health problems or family problems? The important thing is to make sure that this behavior does not depend on you. Try to tell him: “My Darling, I see you a little tired, what could I do to help you?”
  2. Never ask the difference between love and friendship because both are indispensable. Try to make him understand that you understand perfectly the importance of friendship because you too have friends. But you have decided to be in pairs and therefore it is important to spend a little ‘more time together. “My Love, I understand that friends are very important in our relationship, we both have them! I think it’s important to have our moments too! “
  3. Do not panic and take long breaths to free yourself from tension, so as to monitor the situation well.
  4. Try to talk to the partner without taking an aggressive attitude, making understand that you would like to spend more time with him/her. “You know, dear that I love watching romantic movies on TV with youSchermata 2019-01-05 alle 12.22.16
  5. Avoid too intimate behavior, but tell your partner that you miss him/her. “I miss your unexpected messages”
  6. Let your partner know that he can count on you. “I know you’re always there for me!”
  7. If you have behaved like “geisha” up to now, serving and getting ready to eat, ask your partner to go out for dinner. Let know that your time is precious and then you have to try to optimize it. “I came back late and I could not make dinner, how about going out?”Schermata 2019-01-05 alle 12.23.48
  8. You must try to rediscover the activities you did before or discover new ones. “Darling, on Monday, on Thursday and on Saturday I have a gym and on Tuesday and on Friday I have a swimming pool!”
  9. Dedicate at least one day a week to go out and spend the evening only for two. “If you agree on Wednesday I would like to go out with you!”
  10. Laughing together is always a panacea. Try to see a funny movie or comedy together with him. Getting tickled can also help calm the tension in the air. “Tonight I propose you a film to laugh, what do you think?”Schermata 2019-01-05 alle 12.26.10
  11. Content your partner in small everyday things: if he/she prefers to stay at home while you would rather go out, organized differently. Let your partner know that you want to please him/her. “If you prefer to watch the game tonight do not worry, I take this opportunity to go out with my friend to have a chat!”
  12. Make yourself available to spend some time with your friends and invite them to go out with you. Even better would be to invite your friends to your home for a dinner. But the important thing is to never feel obliged, otherwise you get the opposite effect: you get nervous. “How about going out to eat pizza with your friends next Saturday?”
  13. Respect always what he/she does, leave the spaces, do not harass it. “When you have half an hour, I would like to help me arrange the garage!”
  14. Show yourself safe and determined in what you do. This definitely attracts the partner.Schermata 2019-01-05 alle 12.32.29
  15. Care for your look. It is essential to feel good about yourself.
  16. Show your partner something you’ve never shown before, revive your weapons of seduction! You still have weapons …!
  17. If he wants to go out alone, he immediately finds a commitment. Do not stay at home! Or dedicated to something you did in the past and then stopped.Schermata 2019-01-05 alle 12.27.54
  18. Do physical activity, you will also reduce stress. Care for your body. It is very important to see that the partner is keen to stay in shape.
  19. Be positivist. Look at things with optimism. This attitude will surely attract interest in you. “Try to see more rainbows and less thunderstorms!”
  20. Do not be swallowed by the routine. Explore new horizons and test new experiences. “On Sunday, would you like to leave without a specific destination or take a ride by car or motorbike?”



Do not overlook the possibility that your relationship is about to end. If you think you’ve done your best to fix things and the problem persists, maybe it’s time to turn the page. If so, do not worry. It is painful to overcome a break, but not impossible. And above all, as I wrote earlier: Be an optimist! Someone who is waiting for you is there, just wait and when it’s less the appearance shows up! Love with a capital “L” should not be sought!



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