A love beyond the borders !!!

In addition to articles about fashion, etiquette, personal care and lifestyle, I want to start telling you some other stories … really special love stories that especially touched me. They are true stories, where I personally met the protagonists. The names are fictitious, to guarantee their anonymity … especially regarding the children.

Here is the story of Marco and Irene.

(Once upon a time …)

“Did you load the kennel?” Irene asked as she was arranging the last clothes in the suitcase.

“Of course darling, how could I forget? I also loaded 10 packs of dog food that should be enough for almost two months of stay in Hungary, “Marco answered, as proud as a peacock.

They loaded two suitcases and another one with all the clothes for their future children. In a box, they put the medicins and everything that could serve as a first necessity … all in superior quantity so that they could be left at the orphanage where they would head : diapers, moisturizers, anti-redness creams, toothpastes, toothbrushes, body cleansers, wipes, vitamins and everything that is considered useful for children and young people.

Marco had filled up with fuel the night before, to be able to use the points he still had from Shell. Aheadt of them just over 1000 km, almost 10 hours of travel without considering the stops. Nothing compared to the happiness they felt and the love they had to give.

Schermata 2019-03-20 alle 17.19.59The next day, at 6 am Marco, Irene and Fufi, the little dog, boarded a metallized green Multipla for Budapest, in Hungary.

It was a beautiful spring day, the sun to accompanied them on their adventure.

A few kilometers after the border they stopped at an Autogrill near Postumia in Slovenia and precisely in the town of Stara Vas. While Marco was serving the croquettes for the dog, Irene tried to prepare two sandwiches with Tuscan bread and Parma ham. Schermata 2019-03-20 alle 17.22.11

Towards the evening, they arrived in the apartment on the 25th of Akadémia Utca, not so far from the Danube and close to the Metro Kossuth Lajos Ter.

The appointment with Dr. Kovacs, the assistant of the director of the orphanage, was scheduled for thz following day at 10.

Irene was 28 years old, a beautiful girl with raven black hair with curls, she worked as a secretary in a family business in the province of Siena. She had met Marco at the feast of Saint Catherine of Siena in the Contrada of the Goose. Marco, a handsome 33-year-old boy, has always participated as a volunteer in the realization of this symbolic Contrada festival. He was a mechanic by trade and worked in a workshop in the industrial area of the city.

After an exchange of glances, Marco offered her a glass of Chianti and Cupid did the rest.

From the first moments, it was a very intense love, that lasted  for 5 years, after which, on May 8, 2005 in the cathedral of Pienza, they crowned their dream: they got married.

Schermata 2019-03-20 alle 17.19.09Ever since she was a child, Irene had always had the desire to create a beautiful large family, a desire that has grown more and more after marriage. The desire to pass on their love to a child had always been present and the desire to become parents grew over time. Unfortunately, after months and months of attempts, the much desired pregnancy never arrived.

The failure to complete a dream, the desire for a lifetime, brought feelings of anxiety, guilt, isolation, loss of interest, difficulty concentrating, negative thoughts, difficulty to sleep and changes in eating and sexual habits. Even the intimacy lost its meaning, as every sexual relationship was like a scheduled appointment, mechanical and anxious, aimed only at procreating and their goal drift further and further away.

Cries and anger … disillusionment and sadness.

A sense of non-acceptance, a feeling of overwhelming inadequacy had enveloped the couple. Thus began a sort of unconscious isolation, thus preferring to see couples similar to themselves without children, even with different interests …

Irene, in recent times, had inadvertently excluded Marco  from the routine of visits to the doctor, which by now she lived like a burden to be managed alone.

All this bitterness led the couple to consult a specialist doctor to carry out more in-depth analyzes. A series of examinations to investigations followed one another up to the sad and cutting verdict: “You are a fantastic couple, but unfortunately the stork will find it hard to find your home!”

Projects and dreams built in the past seemed to crumble and disappear. The couple was put to the test, being parents was their purpose and the impossibility of being able to become one, their cross.

And so it was that, after long discussions, the two arrived at the fateful decision to adopt a child.

They turned to the Court of the city to fill the papers for the “declaration of readiness for international adoption”, by completing and delivering all the documents requested. For several months, the social workers of the local authorities carried out checks and assessments to determine their suitability and they made them aware of the living conditions of the countries of origin of the adopted children in general.

After a first call to the Court, the suitability decree was issued to them. They went to the authorized body, previously communicated by the Court. Thus, a series of meetings with psychologists and social workers followed with the aim of preparing future adoptive parents. There was no lack of anxieties and fears about age, appearance, lifestyle … everything seemed to be an obstacle, a problem … a constraint. They had to work and commit to themselves, work out their expectations and restrain their fantasies, knowing that there are no children without a past.

– “Irene? I’m Dr. Colizzi “

– “Oh good morning Doctor” Irene replied.

– “I wanted to tell you that we have examined all the documents and we will be able to make you a proposal for a child that we consider ideal for your couple,” added the Doctor.

Marco, seeing Irene’s reaction in his eyes, joined her, embracing her and taking the receiver from her.

– “You can stop by tomorrow too, I will be in the office all morning, would it be fine by 10?”, suggested the doctor.

– “Very good Dr. Colizzi, perfect, see you tomorrow!”, Marco answered.

– “Thank you so much, Doctor!” , concluded Irene and Marco.

The following day in the office of Dr. Colizzi:

– “The child’s name is Igor, he is 6 years old and has been in an orphanage for 3 years, together with his 3-year-old twin brothers. They were all taken from a very problematic family that, in addition to poor educational situations, was in serious condition, both economic and social. They are very united and the twins would not be able to face another detachment, for this reason I suggest a triple adoption ”.

Irene and Marco looked at each other and Marco exhorted:

– “Where one eats also three can eat “.

Irene’s eyes, swollen with tears, filled with joy and threw herself into Marco’s arms.

– “So I understand that I can proceed!”, said Dr. Colizzi.

-“I only need two days to do the paperwork, then you can arrange to go to Budapest and meet the children.”, the Doctor concluded.

– “As you may know, the procedure lasts about 40-45 days, a few days to visit the facility where the children are staying and then 30 days to stay with them, to allow you to get to know each other” said the doctor.

That day started badly… but, with this wonderful news, this ray of sun  warmed the heart of Marco and Irene.

Of course … entering the room with the idea of adopting a child and going out with three children … created an explosion of feelings in the couple: joy, yes … expectation, but also … definitely fear and anxiety.

Schermata 2019-03-20 alle 17.37.54

The day after they arrived in Budapest, they showed up, as agreed, at the office where they met Dr. Kovacs. After signing the practice documents they went, accompanied by the director, to the orphanage.

– “Let me introduce myself, I am Dr. Boldog, director of the Institute, I speak Italian quite well,” said the director.

– “Come let us go to the children! ” the director continued

Schermata 2019-03-20 alle 17.31.41Arriving in front of a large solid wood door, the director entered. Thirty children between the ages of 2 and 14 sat on the floor … scattered in the huge, cold room.

– “Igor!”, the director shouted loudly.

 A blond and pale child stepped forward with a firm step.

– “Itt vagyok, igazgató asszony!” (Here I am, director!).

– “Ezek az uraim, amiről beszéltem!” (These are the gentlemen I was telling you about) replied the director.

– “Good morning. My name is Igor “said the child with a marked and proud accent. Knowing the arrival of the would-be Italian parents, he taught himself some elementary sentences.

Schermata 2019-03-20 alle 17.14.29

From behind an old armchair with faded armrests, two creatures sprang up clinging to Igor’s belt.

– “Igen, itt az ideje enni! Menj mossa meg a kezét! Ott leszek! (Yes, it’s time to eat, go and wash your hands! I’ll be right there!) Igor told to twin brothers Ana and Gabor, caressing their faces.

– ”El tudok menni, igazgató? Segítem nekik enni “(Can I go now, director? I have to help them eat).

– “Nem, Igor. Most gondoskodunk róla! “(No, Igor. Now we’ll take care of them!)

Seeing the happiness tears come down from the eyes of Igor, the heart of Irene and Marco warmed up, they didn’t even manage to restrain themselves and embraced each other crying.

The director and the doctor were also moved.

– “I will show you the building where the children lived in the past years!” said the director.

– “Then, as you know, you will spend almost a month with the children here in Budapest so you know each other,” he continued.

– “Of course we know,” Marco and Irene said, hugging each other.

– “Ok, follow me as we begin the visit”.

In the following days, it was a continuous carousel of emotions for the new family of 5 elements, plus a little dog. Even Fufi was very satisfied with the arrival of the new “masters”. They visited Budapest and the surrondings ; they even spent a few days at Lake Balaton: it was the first time that these children saw a lake. The days were full of affectionate and amusing moments, especially when they tried to make their new parents speak in Hungarian, a language totally foreign to them.

After about forty days from arrival in the Magyar land and after obtaining all the documents for returning home, it was time to leave for Italy.

That day, after closing the apartment and leaving the keys to the concierge … Marco, Irene and Fufi went to the orphanage, where the three little brothers Igor, Gabor and Ana, dressed as if it was for a ceremony, were ready and for the long journey to their new life .

“Ready? Let’s go!” Marco shouted, raising his fist in the air.

“Mami papi, me mom Fufi, yes yes?” Ana asked, satisfied.

“And me, Dad, yes?” Gabor shouted.

Today, Igor is 16 years old and his little brothers Ana and Gabor 13 : for 10 years, they are totally integrated into the Italian life, without forgetting their origin or their mother tongue … their story remains.

This story struck me for its particularity. The intention to adopt a child and then decide to accept him, but three … what an act of unique generosity, what courage and what strength, so … without taking into account all the difficulties to be faced. An act of love of boundless grandeur, a gesture and a project of life offer a new possibility for children to being loved … without conditions, without constraints. The proof of a truly boundless love !!!

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What do you think about!