Don’t worry about some extra little kilos: Curvy is beautiful!

Recent surveys have shown that the majority of males are more attracted by curvy women instead of those too thin. It seems that the prosperous forms convey happiness and transmit to those who contemplate them a sense of comfort. So, there is no need to be complexed!

Curvy is beautiful! Yes, because who said that thinness is synonymous of beauty? On the contrary, even in the past it was more often to consider the sinuous and rounded forms of a woman as an ideal of beauty. Not by chance, even in the stone age the statuettes that portrayed female figures always showed bodies that were anything but filiform, because the curves represented a symbol of fertility. Only in recent times has a kind of dictatorship of the filiform bodies that established in the collective imagination: flat stomachs, large breasts and firm bumps.

However, the reality seems to deviate from this ideal vision.

Recent statistics have in fact shown that 85% of men are more attracted by curvy women instead of by those who are too thin. It seems that the prosperous forms convey happiness and give those who contemplate them a sense of well-being. Therefore, a Mediterranean beauty with abundant breasts and well-defined hips is to the eyes of men more fascinating, more attractive, more sensual and sexier. If then everything is completed by a good dose of pleasantness and positivity, the game is done.

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Therefore, even if advertising, fashion and magazines try to convince us that “thin is beautiful”, the perception of men travels in the opposite direction: if two women, one thin and one more flesh, walk next to each other , generally the look of a man is directed to the first one, but, if asked which of the two he would like to attend, Curvy 1 he would almost certainly respond to opt for the more shapely, perhaps because the roundnesses are often associated with the joys of life and because the ladies more prosperous give the impression of being more accomplished and freer to enjoy the life, far from the daily stress of having to fight everyday with calories.

In any case, if it’s better to not generalize by claiming that all men indiscriminately love women with rounded shapes, it can be said without fear of being denied that all men appreciate women who do not make themselves a complex of their physical appearance and indeed, they know how to value it.


So, if you think to have a few extra kilos compared to those you would like to feel on you, here are some suggestions in order not to despise them:

  • Choose clothes of your size, neither too small nor too large.
  • Feel comfortable and demonstrate it.
  • Emphasize the part of the body you love most.
  • Put on make-up not too strong.
  • Do not forget the jewelry and accessories appropriate to the dress.
  • Ask for a proper hairstyle most suitable for your shape’s face.
  • Don’t forget a belt that highlights your waistline.

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In light of all the considerations made until now, however, learn to be wary of:

  • those who say they love your roundness, but don’t show it in public situations. They are easily recognizable because they never invite you to the restaurant (they prefer to dine at home), they never present you to friends or family.
  • those who, having a thin wife, prefer a lover a little bit more in flesh to fantasize in bed, since it is always believed that curvy women are more generous than skinny women…

Furthermore, to conclude the most important advice is: to be yourself! Look for a partner who doesn’t stress you every day, inviting you to lose weight and to be careful about what you are eating. Even if for years, the thin and photoshopped models are represented as a status symbol, finally it is really the thinness that we men are looking for?

What do you think about!