To change your look, smile!

A smile does not cost anything, but it gives a lot,

He enriches those who receive him without impoverishing those who give it.

It lasts a moment, but its memory is sometimes eternal.

Nobody is rich enough to be able to do without it

and no one is too poor not to deserve it.

It brings happiness to the house and is the symbol of friendship.

A smile brings rest to those who are tired.

It comforts those who are discouraged,

It comforts those who are in sorrow,

It is an antidote for all pains.

It cannot be bought, loaned or stolen

because it’s something that has no value

until it is given.

If you meet a person

who refuses to give you the smile you deserve,

be generous and give him yours,

because there is no one else who needs a smile the most

only one who does not give it to others.

My smile made me open doors,

that others thought to open with anger.

(Michel Poulaert)

Here’s how the speaker Michel Poulaert, expert in optimism and positive management, summarizes the smile.

Schermata 2019-03-11 alle 11.11.23The smile is not about showing one’s teeth, but soul. We surely know a friend who, despite the daily problems, always has a smile on his face.

The smile must be wanted.

We must learn to accept life and the reality of things as they are, without prejudice.

Let’s avoid phrases like “if it was not like that”, “if things could change” but think about the privilege we have to be alive.

The smile is a constructive mass weapon that produces impressive effects through its power and value. It costs nothing and this gesture of a few seconds can melt the hardest hearts and give joy and relief to those who are going through a very difficult time.

So let’s learn to smile, no matter the circumstances, because the smile is the link between the soul and the ego.

For that, I invite you to:

Schermata 2019-03-11 alle 10.57.57Smile to strangers: smile at the people you meet in the street and watch their reaction: some will blush, others will smile and others will be surprised. One thing is certain, you will feel very good.

Smile at the tramps: when they ask you for change, smile and answer “I’m sorry, I have no money, have a good day!”

Smile in the office: smile to the people you meet at work to give a positive energy to the day.

Do not forget that:

  • A smile can last a second, but its memory can last a lifetime.
  • It costs less electricity, but gives more light.
  • It allows the soul to breathe.
  • It is a wall that falls, a door that opens, an enigma that resolves, a vibration that enters the chest and becomes sky and light (quote).
  • Every smile rejuvenates us for a day because it’s the shortest distance between two people.
  • You must smile even if the smile is sad, because sadder than a sad smile, it is the sadness of not knowing how to smile.
  • If you smile, you will have friends, but if you pout, you will have wrinkles.
  • As Krame said, “Do not wait to be happy to smile, but smile to be happy”.
  • A smiling face is always bright and beautiful.
  • To smile, we need only twelve muscles, while to make a face, it takes, seventy-two, think about it …!

Thus, the virtues of the smile can be summarized as follows:

  • it puts you in a good mood
  • It seduces and makes attractive
  • he keeps young
  • it helps to stay positive
  • It allows you to have a revenge
  • It makes life more enjoyable
  • it can convey a difficult message
  • it relaxes an atmosphere
  • he binds people
  • it improves relations between people
  • it promotes complicity
  • it develops user-friendliness
  • it allows you to dramatize
  • It allows you to accept things more easily
  • it eliminates negative energies
  • it increases self-esteem

Depending on the muscles involved, a study from the University of California at Berkeley showed that there could be different types of smiles:

  1. Smug smile: The half-closed lips are slightly drawn on one side, giving an asymmetrical appearance. It can be used to flirt, but it can also communicate arrogance or satisfaction.Schermata 2019-03-11 alle 11.14.05
  2. Closed mouth smile: The lips are closed and they bend, the cheeks are raised. The eyes seem to smile. It is a very recurring smile that can express feelings of cordiality, sadness and repressed anger. It’s the classic smile of politicians, that is, someone who knows something but does not want to reveal it.
  3. Encouraging or listening smile: the purpose of this smile is to communicate serenity and reassure. The lips are parted and soft.
  4. Fake or forced smile: we could call it the anti-smile and it’s the worst smiles. The lips are pulled up quickly showing the teeth. Typical of those moments when making you smile, the lips seem happy, but the eyes betray.
  5. Asymmetrical smile: the lips retreat from one side upwards and the other downwards. This type of grimace can have different meanings: ironic, sarcastic or encouraging.
  6. Authentic smile: It’s the natural smile with a capital “S”. It is spontaneous and involves both lips and eyes and transmits sincerity.
  7. Open mouth smile: open mouth and radiant eyes. This is the kind of smile that we prefer in selfies and in photographs, but I suggest not to adopt it all the time.
  8. Naughty smile: It looks a lot like the smile, except that the lips can be bitten or licked. It’s a sexy, mysterious and inviting smile.


It’s the easiest and most effective way to express, hide, or hide your feelings. If the smile is true, it allows you to communicate the best of yourself.

What do you think about!