What men do not say about women!

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Generally, a woman is very cruel with herself and sees the passage of time as a synonym of loss of desirability. For this reason, in order to appear beautiful at any cost, she sometimes makes mistakes that men cannot bear.

Dear damsels, perhaps you do not know what we, little ones, do not like:

  • Indecent and too provocative clothes. The axillary miniskirts and t-shirts too tight that makes the breast almost explode or that puts too much emphasis on the roundness. If you really cannot do without these clothes, at least wear them in private situation ; in public, please be seductive, but not vulgar!
  • The flat “B side”. Of course, men do not expect a back side as the one of Jessica Rabbit, but still a bottom worthy of that. If you do not have much, look for clothes that put it in value.
  • Schermata 2019-02-25 alle 16.43.48The too eccentric hairstyles. So, it’s better to avoid the brightly colored streaks (let’s leave them at the Cindy Lauper of the 80’s), unless you have to prepare yourself for a Carnival parade. Avoid also the Amy Winehouse’s hair cotonate.
  • Dry skin. In the male imaginary, women’s skin must be like silk to the hand touch. On the market, there are all kind of beauty products to be sure to avoid it.
  • The makeup too prominent. In fact, the make-up should only highlight the female traits, without ridiculing them. So avoid the too strong foundation and the too marked pencil.
  • Witch’s nails. The fingernails must be well cared for, but if they are exasperatedly longs, they will intimidate us. The length must be decent and absolutely not vulgar. We do not like the eaten-up nails either.
  • The suffocating fragrance. The perfume should be worn in the morning before going out from home and should not be carried on with you.Schermata 2019-02-25 alle 17.12.01
  • The Wedges. These shoes ‘model are really to be avoided, they are not absolutely feminine. Instead, opt for a high-heeled shoes model to look taller
  • The smell. It seems obvious enough. Women love discretely scented man, a clean perfume. In my website www.menover50mode.com I have dedicated a complete article to the men’s favorite perfumes for women.
  • Cold feet. It is well known that almost all women have cold feet and one thing that men absolutely cannot stand is when the beloved, under the covers, try to warm their cold feet on them.
  • Schermata 2019-02-25 alle 17.14.04The selfies. This widespread fashion finds its ridiculousness, when women take about 100 selfies a day, showing that mouth “as duck” supposed to be sensual and instead being ridiculous. We men usually omit selfies.
  • The bad manner of” not saying thank you”. This lack, especially after the payment of the bill at the restaurant. It means a lack of respect, especially since, nowadays, women are very independent. There is no rule that indicates that the man must always pay the bill at the restaurant.Schermata 2019-02-25 alle 17.18.48
  • The delay. Persistent delay is definitely something badly seen by men. The continuation of this behavior is a lack of respect.
  • Drink too much. It certainly does not honor women. It still requires retention as this behavior is absolutely not accepted by men.
  • Being too difficult. Criticizing everything and being too complicated doesn’t expose yourself a good way.
  • Ownership. The so-called “woman-mussel” makes the man escapes. In a couple, men need much more independence.
  • Victimhood. It is another aspect that’s absolutely not tolerated by men. We men do not know how to sympathize.
  • Easy criticism. Even if it is a way to feel safer and to have more self-confidence, you will gain more points by appreciating. If you don’t, keep your mouth shut. Men also hate being criticized in public by their partner.
  • The lack of openness on the world. Knowing how to sustain a conversation on various topics is a very appreciated gift.
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  • Too much jealousy. In fact, too much is too much… A bit of jealousy is allowed, but a woman who persecuts a man everywhere is overzealous : there are women who cannot stand that their partner lays his eyes on other women.

Finally, how does a man want his own woman to be? Even knowing that the perfect woman does not exist, here are a few points:

¬ intelligent and brilliant

¬ always optimistic

¬ particularly fun

¬ supporting her objectives without losing sight of his

¬ kind and incredibly polite

¬ extraverted and self-confident

¬ who involves him in her madness

¬ that “miss Independent” keeps her interests and her own space.

What do you think about!