What it does not please women compared to us men!

After the publication, some time ago of “What Men Do Not Say” (why men were being repelled by certain female behaviors), I was asked to look at the question from another angle as well : what are the attitudes that cause our beloved or our contenders to flee?

Today, I am speaking to you, gentlemen! And so I invite young women to read this article to their loved ones, and we’ll see if it’s useful for something …

As we know, women are demanding and always have in mind the list of our worst faults, to us boys!

After having interviewed many women from very different backgrounds, I summarized my personal statistics in this article.

To the question: what can you not tolerate in a man? What annoys you in the game of seduction?

Here is the ranking of the main problems that emerge

  1. GREED

 As we know, women are much more “shopping friendly” than us men. Therefore, in the process of seduction, they need the man to have the capacity to devote himself to the sharing of this exciting activity. There must be some kind of investment, both in terms of time and … availability …

For the woman, a stingy man is completely involved, even in everyday life: in the household expenses, in the education of children, during the holidays, but also, more dramatically, under the sheets …


Schermata 2019-06-26 alle 22.47.49In the conversation, women pay a lot of attention to the content … and especially to the alternation of the role of speaker / listener. If the man is too focused to speak of him in an absolute and self-referential way … the woman escapes, runs away, disappears. The main characteristic of a seducer … must be listening, second place in the top ten of interests. I therefore advise you to be more attentive and curious, to ask questions and to interact fairly and at the right time. Believe me, there is no better way to seduce a woman than to really care about her! Maybe, instead of asking “What are you doing in life?” go ahead and dare to say to him: “You are beautiful, you must surely work in the field of fashion”, even if you may already imagine a negative answer.

So, dear friends, tell yourself, but above all, pay attention to their stories!


 Being proud of yourself is a great starting point, but do not overdo it, arrogance and presumption are a strong deterrent to seducing. The lack of humility is a serious defect that jeopardizes the continuation of the speech. Struggling unnecessarily undermines the sense of security that the adult man must at all costs inspire in his partner. Seduction is a new story, no comparison, no false expectations. Also beware of the sexual environment … never mention it: the mystery is the best card to play. Always surprise … boring and fooling her, NEVER!


Schermata 2019-06-26 alle 22.51.49Too much obsession with one’s habits or points of view certainly does not help in the seduction phase. We all have our own points of view and our value lies in sharing and demonstrating our flexibility and openness to change. So, dear men, be open, safe and flexible … kick up the sedentary lifestyle and … everyone in place to try new experiences.


The lack of personal care is not an excuse! In addition to daily showering and teeth brushing after each meal, it is essential to avoid greasy, dirty hair and dirty nails. Wrinkled shirts are ugly even if they are from famous brands and are the worst image of the person wearing them; if they smell bad or if they are damaged … do not even mention it! Woe too to dirty shoes … they are a lack of respect even more than attention. Eventually, if we really want to dwell on ripped jeans, the ripped fake is even better, though … we cannot accept more.

Attention, gentlemen: even the opposite certainly does not attract the “fair sex”: too much care, absolute perfection, too much perfume, hair too well combed … … give this idea of untouchability that makes young ladies flee. The man who spends too many hours in front of the mirror, who shaves himself completely, who smeared creams for hours or who combs each hair does not intrigue, stimulate or seduce.


“Lies have short legs!” So, avoid telling lies to invent a fantastic, rich, dissolute and adventurous life. A relationship is based on honesty and authenticity. Women know very well that megalomaniacs cannot be trusted. It is better to avoid them. “Prevention is better than cure!”


Schermata 2019-06-26 alle 23.00.33Women are looking for a man who makes them laugh. He does not have to be a clown, but he must have a good sense of humor to entertain them. Being funny is an excellent weapon of seduction. The man “pouting” is boring and usually monotonous, he embarrasses and sends a message of inadequacy and fatigue.


Being too direct and explicit is not always well perceived by women, but a little tact is often necessary. Messages that are too explicit and overly motivated only complicate the situation. We need a little more lightness and less details on “taboo” topics.


 The fair sex seeks safety and determination in the companion, a man who proposes, chooses and guides. The woman must feel protected and is always looking for certainties and confirmations. The man at his side must be a reference and a firm point. If you add to all this a little self-irony, the games are made. It is a very powerful weapon of seduction capable of erasing so many defects. A woman needs a man who makes her laugh, who takes life with a smile and knows how to make fun of himself. He is showing confidence in himself.


Schermata 2019-06-26 alle 23.01.58We know that most men spend several days a week on the sport. Between all football championships on television and football at the games console, men think of sport almost 365 days a year. Although in recent years, things have changed a bit and women are also following football, even if they do so with a different level of attention and importance. My friends, try to soften your football spirit … open the path only after the seduction … when you know that you will be encouraged and that you will not be abandoned like dogs on the highway.


This sentence, which is often evoked by the strong sex, has terrible consequences and rightly so … it is not audible, unmotivated, banal and predictable. For years, women fought for their rights: pay, role, etc. This does not mean that women must become men in skirts. That is why the gestures of gallantry must always be the basis of the gentleman.


Schermata 2019-06-26 alle 23.11.42It is common knowledge that women like to be heard. They want to be heard in all areas, whether they are coquetry problems or simple work problems. They cannot stand men indifferent to their emotions or those who claim to be interested.


Being constantly monitored will surely not please women. They must feel free to choose and not to dress, to behave and to frequent the only spaces considered “safe” by us, gentlemen. Jealousy, in itself, is a stupid feeling that refers only to insecurity. The woman … beautiful and proud, must be the pride of the man, not his possession. Be generous with compliments and invite your partner to dare.


It is obvious that a man who does nothing at home and spends his days or his extended weekend on the couch can make his partner nervous. We know that a woman usually does a thousand things at home and still manages to find time to go out and have fun with her friends. Laziness kills every relationship … and encourages the partner to … find someone with whom she will find some pep!


Schermata 2019-06-26 alle 23.13.32Being superficial in men and not knowing how to appreciate what a woman does is certainly not seen by women. Peter Pan syndrome is the greatest expression of immaturity and stupidity that a “gentleman” can manifest … especially if he is fifty years old. The fifties with piercings everywhere, pants dropped below the level of modesty, t-shirts and sweatshirts of a 15 years-old … the hair of “taxi driver” are … desperate! Anti-sexual and above all, they send a clear message of unreliability and evanescence. The low-rise pants … it serves bacon as on a silver tray. The worthy man of fifty … loses his dignity when he thinks he is a model … and becomes a simulacrum of lost thirty … the partner runs away, everything escapes; he stays … there, with his pants down and all his piercings … alone.

What do you think about!