The new trend of men’s fashion 2019-20: the freedom to dress according to one’s ego

At the end of September, during a still-summer day, I spent a weekend traveling to the south of Italy, especially between Puglia and Basilicata, places that are worth seeing and remembered for their tradition, their natural beauty and their landscape. And it is on the panoramic terrace of one of the oldest local cafes, which offers a breathtaking view of the artistic and cultural heritage of the city – the “Sassi della città di Matera” (the stones of the city of Matera) , named European Capital of Culture 2019 – that I met my dear friend from Matera, expert in fashion and style.

56624531_10217065605505511_7909705729018167296_nFrancesco Paolo Ambrosecchia, born in 1984, who has followed a technico-scientific training, has always shown a great appetite for artistic and creative subjects in general, thus developing a strong interest for the fashion sector (clothing). An interest that has gradually strengthened by the study and research of detail and the particular (combination of colors or cuts, shapes or, more simply, used accessories), which define his own universe. His blog is Il tuo sé con stile

In this small room with the tuff vault, typical of old Sicilian homes, we enjoyed the delights of the local pastry and we discussed the various trends in fashion and style recently proposed by the greatest designers.

The last fashion shows give a feeling of freedom: choose what to wear or not. No obligations and taxes, but advice and guidance. The real big trend, dictated by fashion designers and young brands, seems to be the following: everyone can find his own “style” among the many outfits. What makes you feel good is what gives everyone the most importance in your own eyes: being beautiful and proud to be who we are.

Moda-Uomo-inverno-2019-2020-tendenze-colore-e-abbinamentiIn this article, we propose some trends, small indications, so that everyone – in all freedom – chooses his “new” trend, or even “preserves” his own style, possibly only integrated with fashionable elements.

In recent seasons, men’s fashion has never ceased to amaze and we now know that it is no longer just about “the classic man“, but a mix of really interesting styles, super sports from casual chic revisited, to formal costumes with new shapes, proportions and accessories, chic elements.

The looks become more and more refined and fascinating!

Schermata 2019-10-25 alle 17.31.02Recently, we have become accustomed to an increasingly streetwear-oriented fashion, in part because brands follow generations, millennials, and most importantly, because practicality is often sought after in everyday life. Recently, we’ve seen a classic revisited and more and more sporty, just think of the variety of sneakers, which are now worn with any garment. But after so many mixtures – sometimes even “weird / bizarre” – we are witnessing today the desire to see a man more elegant, more sober and refined.

The street look and / or sportswear will probably never go away. The sporty look with ubiquitous jumpsuits and sweaters everywhere that have dominated the collections in recent years – including the recent summer season – has become much more understated, at least as we saw in the last Pitti edition. Uomo (Milanese fashion dedicated to men).

Schermata 2019-10-25 alle 18.05.44The fall-winter season has just begun and the new trends coming directly from the ready-to-wear autumn-winter 2019/2020 collections are coming up. In particular, there is a “return”. On one side, the houndstooth, classic among the persistent classics of black and white. On the other, the Prince of Wales, a little more androgynous and serious. So similar, that confusing them is very easy, but also very different, that choosing which one to desire could prove to be a real dilemma.

The new trends, characterized by a return to the classic, propose a new way of interpreting the masculine tradition with cuts or contemporary colors on formal archetypes. The classic is no longer a classic, it has reinvented itself by smoothing the cuts, adding patterns to prints, combining strong and totally unexpected tones. And the imagination came to power with style. The formal outfit, in classic style and dress, is one of the protagonists of the season. Celine, for example, focused on the entire costume collection.

Even Emporio Armani has staged as many striped suits (pinstriped) as Pal Zileri and Hermes. The classic pattern, as mentioned before, like the hound’s foot and the Prince of Wales, is more than ever in fashion. Numerous patterns, endless combinations of appearances, and sudden mood changes also influence style choices. Both in the urban trend and in that which expresses classic formal elegance, there is a traditional style that blends with elements of trend: a blend of modernity and tradition.

e4c214286ffa3d8482ca521d68f8ab05In urban men’s fashion, many technical and performance fabrics, especially for outerwear, combine with many colors and lush details. The jeans also confirm the mixing trend. Indeed, those of the new season autumn-winter 2019/2020 are not lacking sophisticated fabrics that mingle with a simple and linear cut, a style almost retro. The new trends in men’s fashion are based on the intrinsic characteristic of functional elegance: jackets with completely original and more creative combinations than usual, such as the striped turtleneck worn in the place of the shirt and accessories deliberately exaggerated such as maxi scarves. In this way, for the cold season, you can be both stylish and functional. Even the trousers have traditional cuts and casual fabrics, but are “trimmed” with patterns a little above the lines. It is more and more important to create your own outfits, often shown under high pants, socks that, for men, look like ties, serve to express a personality and to signal its taste unequivocally.

images2Like neckties or handkerchief patterns, socks are used to dare, to experiment with combinations of patterns and colors. Often seen as a symptom of originality or curiosity, they are almost a must and even when you choose a simple black or blue sock, you look for a quality that remains intuitive. You can go from the British style sock to a super imaginative egocentric sock – certainly not the white sponge sock seen during the summer season – or simply to a sober sock under already imaginative clothes.

For details (socks, ties and / or handkerchiefs), there is no dictation, but it is the creativity and desire to express that make the difference and give an original style, provided that the combinations be expressly choral.index1

Finally, the shoes: a wise choice between classic or extravagant, boots or moccasins. And precisely the inevitable sneakers. Men’s shoes range from classic lines to modern cuts, urban silhouettes and more formal atmospheres. The new trend is to reinterpret iconic models, such as Chetwynd and Church’s Consul, made of St.James leather and featuring innovative shapes, such as the new Clatford double buckle loafers. They are also sports shoes with luxury details, mainly technical fabrics or fine leathers. Laced boots come into play. Men’s shoes with a slightly vintage look, perfect when elegance has to share its “living space” with the practical side. There are also classic and formal men’s shoes, Tassel moccasins, leather soles, slippers or brogues with machine-stitched seams, made from soft leathers like French calf and suede or canvas. The color palette is rich: from darker black to dark grey and blue to bright red, ochre yellow and sapphire green.

As far as accessories are concerned, the most fashionable men’s bags for the autumn-winter 2019-2020 season are leather briefcases, high-tech bags (even larger ones), vintage backpacks and more. baby carriers.

Fashion cannot be followed to the letter, but it can be interpreted and it is possible to make it a must to express and feel comfortable in a given context and / or in a particular atmosphere which one is concerned.

Above all, there is no age “just” to feel good about yourself and wear your ego. We all have the right to dress according to our personality.

What do you think about!