The fifty-year-olds, the new generation

Dear readers,

Tonight 3rd may 2019, I will be among the guests at the famous Channel 5 show “Ciao Darwin” and I will quickly talk about how nice it is to be 50 years old. We, fifty-year-olds, are called “quinquados” by the well-known French sociologist Serge Guérin. Quinquados are nothing more than the fusion of two words “quinquagénaire” (quinquagénairer meaning somebody in his fifties) and “adolescent“, that is to say a man or a woman with a maturity of fifty and the spirit of a teenager.

Schermata 2019-05-02 alle 10.59.28We, proud of our age, try to safeguard our inner youth, doing activities that we never even thought of doing when we were in our twenties.
Having dealt with wife, husband and children, NOW is our moment. And that’s how we begin, taking care of our body and our appearance, trying to banish everyday stress to the maximum. Gyms and sports centers are increasingly filled with so-called “differently young people”: jogging, weight rooms, pilates, crossfit, zumba and yoga classes become a weekly fixture.

We therefore find ourselves facing these “young men aged” but charged and motivated … and above all … capable and constant.

But how are these “quinquados”?

  1. They dress informally like their children; they wear skinny jeans.
  2. They shop with their children and exchange clothes.
  3. They listen to the music of young people.
  4. They organize or attend parties or discos.
  5. They play video games with their children.
  6. They adapt easily to new technologies.
  7. They travel with friends.
  8. They are active on social media and make online purchases.
  9. They take great care of personal aesthetics.
  10. They eat organic food.
  11. They use cosmetic surgery.
  12. They don’t like routine, but surprise and innovation.
  13. They don’t like long-term projects.
  14. They have the advantage of not feeling subjected to social or family pressure.
  15. They are positive and always aim at new goals to be achieved.
  16. They are free, confident and know their strengths and weaknesses.
  17. They have their first tattoo made or have the existing one restyled.
  18. They use a language that is colorful with jargon or neologisms typical of adolescents.

All in all, we are faced with this “reborn youth” which has nothing to envy of the so-called “blessed youth”, apart from the physical freshness of course.

The insecurity, typical of twenties, leaves room for a basic security, the result of calmness and experience gained over the years.

Competitiveness and self-centeredness give way to safety and to self-presence. More softness in relationships and the certainty that the goals are achieved with seduction and culture but also with seductiveness!

Schermata 2019-05-02 alle 10.59.52This maturity also brings advantages in the field of work since the 50-year-old is credible. Presence and elegance play an important role: there is greater attention to detail and a search for the type of dress that best suits your body by objectively evaluating what can be ridiculous or not!

We are facing a new generation that has nothing to do with those of our grandparents. Just look at a picture of a 40-year-old wedding to see the difference between the twenties and fifties.

Schermata 2019-05-02 alle 22.54.51We, 50-year olds, do not feel envious for the twenties, rather … we enter into competition and … we win. We want to have fun, and to choose the people to be with. The experience has taught us a lot and, for this, we can deal with topics of various kinds.

We are the source of certainty and security for children and loved ones.

Hormones are reactivated, we love with passion, without the obsession of procreation, but we concentrate on the person we love the most, because she becomes the center of our attention. We even accept the defeats with philosophy and we know better how to camouflage our state of mind if love is not shared.

And to conclude: we accept the time that passes by living the best way and always maintaining the right coefficient of sensuality.

What do you think about!