And if the third wheel arrives?

It can happen that even when one feels happy in your relationship, one may fall in love or be attracted to another person. Should we feel guilty? I would say no! We must react to avoid suffering.

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Feeling an attraction to another person is an alert that something in you or in the relationship does not work or is out of order.

One must try to understand what triggered this situation. The classic love at first sight and the period of crisis certainly bring important changes to anyone, without wanting to leave out everything and then go on to a new adventure.

In a life of a couple, routine and boredom often weaken the flame and one does not underestimate the fact that what is forbidden ignites the imagination.

Let’s try to understand when a man can fall in love with another woman and leave his family.

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  1. A man is a big kid and he is always looking for someone to have fun with and do stupid things too. He tries to free himself in a certain way from the act of responsibility that marriage imposes on him.
  2. Men always want to be heard by someone who can give them advice without judging them. His woman must also be a friend who understands it.
  3. Men love independent women, who know what they are doing and know how to cope with all situations.
  4. Men often look for something new, they often fall in love with something new.
  5. Men seek happiness: if a man cannot make his wife happy, he seeks another.
  6. If a man meets a woman who falls in love with him, he feels like a hero. But if he finds himself in a daily routine, it’s over, the game is over!


Come on ladies, move your antennas when your man …


  • Does not worry about your needs at all.
  • Starts giving you gifts, which he did not do before.
  • Is often in a bad mood.
  • Does not talk to you anymore; is very detached and makes fun of your feelings.
  • Criticizes you more and more
  • Changes something in his daily routine.
  • Argues with you for nothing.
  • Always mentions a possible break in the relationship during discussions : he would like you to be the initiator of the breakup.
  • Is more attentive to his personal care.
  • Changes his tastes, including his musical ones.
  • Starts wearing something he was not used to wearing before.
  • Is easily susceptible even without good reason.
  • Does not care anymore about children or, of course, about you.
  • Starts using words that he did not use before.
  • Always answers that there nothing is wrong if you ask him.
  • Is disinterested in the sexual act.
  • Is often restless and jumps for nothing when he is in bed, and his sleep is restless.
  • Tends to accuse you of a relationship without any evidence.
  • Spends more time with friends or prefers to read a book or watch TV instead of talking to you.
  • Often closes the door when he enters a room and is careful not to let his mobile phone hang around.

But how is a man when he is in love?

First, he does not look at your B side, but your eyes, and is attracted to your grace. He sees a goddess!

He seeks you all the time and every excuse is valid to have at least a look from you.

He listens to you, very interested in what you tell him. Any subject you tell him about will interest him a lot.

He finds you funny (he laughs with enthusiasm at every joke!)

He protects you and everything that happens to you he feels as personal.

He rejoices with you or suffers with you.

He finds you beautiful as soon as you get out of bed, even without makeup.

He can sacrifice himself for you just for the pleasure of being with you.

He makes love to you with a big L. He is tender and scrupulous to give you the maximum of pleasure.

He immediately leaves you the keys to the house.


And if it was you who fell in love?


  • Evaluate whether you have really fallen in love with another person or if it is a temporary discomfort (you are depressed or live a monotonous life).
  • Evaluate what you could lose if you really start another relationship. Evaluate this in details. Get out of the daily routine. If you are sure you have to break the current relationship, assume your responsibilities with the pros and cons.
  • If you see your partner as a friend and no longer as a partner and he does not miss you especially when he leaves. Talk to him and try to discuss it to revive the desire.

What do you think about!