How to make someone fall in love

One must have wondered at least once how to make someone fall in love. In love, we know that the rules aren’t equal for everyone, that’s because each of us places a different value on personality or physical appearance. It is therefore difficult to make a precise and detailed list of behaviours to adopt to make you fall in love. However, it is possible to determine some guidelines to make us stronger in all circumstances in order to increase our degree of seduction.

1- Attract attention.

This is the first step to take as long as it is done in a natural and non-ridiculous way. Show your interest in the person you are attracted to by asking her questions about her work, life, interests, hobbies. From her answers, you will understand if you have transmitted part of your charm.

2- Bring out your personal brand.

Try to be unique and be aware of how you differentiate yourself from others, in the way you speak, in your behaviour or in your presentation. Be independent in your way of thinking, of expressing your needs and your desires. Uniqueness attracts and always makes you attractive.

3- Don’t be too “easy” and always leave a little mystery.

Being too complacent and flippant, too protective or too affectionate only scares people away. We have to act so that the conquest becomes deserved, which almost makes it a challenge. The less you try to show yourself, the more you will gain in value in the eyes of the desired person. I recommend meeting the needs of the loved one first, but then taking a step back in the relationship.

4- Do not assume a predefined role.

It is common to think that it is always the “strong” men who must take the first step. This is absolutely not true, and thanks to technology and new social networks, roles and customs have thankfully changed. Regardless of the man or the woman, the important thing is to make the other feel good by adopting a natural and authentic attitude, avoiding any form of manipulation. Always be yourself: sincere, funny and understanding.

5- Acquire the psychology of attraction.

According to the precepts of attraction psychology, falling in love is done through emotional connection, that is, by showing the other that you are the person they need, thus transmitting a strong physical attraction at the same time. time.

Emotional connection is crucial even if the physical aspect strikes first. Second, demonstrating that you are listening to each other’s needs, fears, and wants certainly creates empathy and harmony.

6- Stay as you are!

In a relationship, you have to be natural and never act other than who you are, especially in her presence. Show your flaws as well as your qualities.

7- Accept the person as she is!

It is very important to bond with the suitor. Enter her world, trying to discover her preferences in music, in sport, what are her hobbies. During the relationship, try to understand her passions, character traits and goals. Always avoid asking for too much justification and explanation, and accept the space and time required without ever harassing.

8- Love is a relationship of strength.

Instead of attacking when something is wrong, try to make it clear that it makes you feel bad in order to find a common, agreed-upon solution.

9- Always maintain the right balance between personal life and love life.

Never do too much for the other, take your space. Don’t absolutely give up on going out with friends or girlfriends.

10- Test your complicity.

In moments of intimacy, give yourself completely to your partner without sparing phrases such as “I’m good with you”, “you make me feel good”, “I missed you”, etc.

Beyond these tips, we must always keep in mind, as I pointed out in point 8, that love is a relationship of strength. The important thing is to always put yourself in a position of strength without neglecting the compliments because they go straight to the heart, especially if they are delivered in all honesty.

What do you think about!