Here’s what women cannot bear in men!

At the table, in the bathroom, in the bedroom or in the closet, men sometimes adopt attitudes that (rightly) upset women. Not to mention some clothes or looks. Here are some of the most irritating ones.

vo chong tranh caiA romantic relationship between a man and a woman is also respectful of the needs of the other. For this reason, it is important that both members of the couple avoid or reduce certain behaviours or habits that are bothersome for the other. And men, in particular, have a whole set of attitudes that are considered absolutely natural, but that do not really fit his partner.

We have already listed them in a previous article. But the list is still long and we try to complete it.

The woman can not stand the man who:

  • leaves his shaved beard hair on the sink and the used cottons scattered in the bathroom;
  • gives up the main domestic activities such as cooking, laundry, cleaning, ironing, etc.
  • leave the dirty socks on the floor of the room, knowing that someone will pick them up,
  • does not devote himself to the preliminaries, but falls asleep immediately, until 2 pm;virgin-tonic-messy-bordelique-sondage-gq
  • leaves the drawer open after taking out his underwear or socks;
  • wears underwear, socks, tank tops, or holey or worn shirts;
  • wears dirty, dusty or even damaged or broken shoes;
  • always buys unripe fruits at the market;
  • does not respond to messages;
  • wants to make his best friend a kind person;
  • constantly growls when you go out with your friends;
  • burps hard shameless in a conversation;
  • always stops her when she speaks;tue-lamour-rebutent-ne-pardonnent-2
  • responds knowing that he does not know the subject;
  • is dedicated to men’s compulsive shopping;
  • always loses things;
  • changes his behaviour and mood in the presence of a friend;
  • does not use subjunctive or apostrophes and accents;
  • is slow to choose what to wear;
  • believes in impossible dreams.

And as for the appearance, she cannot stand:

  • The breath that smells of smoke; homme-avec-la-mauvaise-haleine-58492693
  • Eyebrows with “seagull wings”;
  • A belly too pronounced;
  • Too much hair, especially on the back;
  • Nails too long, especially those of the little finger;
  • Too much hair coming out of ears;
  • The pouch always, not just at a gallant meeting;
  • Depilation. A good shave is much sexier;
  • The body of a blackbird, that is to say, the pronounced belly and the lean legs;
  • The tissue paper used 10 times;
  • The tank top or t-shirt inside the undergarment.


Finally, here are the types of behaviour that women hate the most:


This is the fact of interrupting women, except the mother. We know that one of the most common traits in men is the interruption.


It is practiced by those who have the innate obsession of wanting to explain everything, even the most obvious things. It is because they consider, independently of all logic, that others are inferior.


It is the art of those who have the ability to appropriate an idea or project belonging to another person.


This is a brand new form of harassment that combines two well-known social networks: Tinder for the first, which is a dating app, and Instagram for the second, which is a social network of photographs.

It’s about suing a person on Instagram or other apps embedded in Tinder’s profile once it’s rejected on it.

What do you think about!