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What color is pain?

Professor Gino Rodella has certainly upset all concept on this subject: for him, pain must be coloured and not represented. This is his mission: to lighten the spirits. It is not a chromatic analysis, but a vital force that he wants to transfer to those who watch his paintings. In his light laugh, like that of free artists who do not “sell” their art, we read his soul ; in his refined look, the inspiration of a genius always in search of himself.

Rodella1Gino Rodella is an “architect-stylist”, as he likes to define himself. He is an architect, scenographer, stylist, designer, painter and organizer of shows and special events.

He was born in Calcinato in the province of Brescia on February 21, 1963. To his credit, from 1990 to now, he has restructured more than 480 premises, in Italy and abroad. One of his most notable works is the evocative throne of Pope Ratzinger, Benedict XVI, who along with other works, won him the “Golden Lion” in 1991.Rodella6

An unprejudiced master who reinvents new spaces using recycled materials and old pieces inspired by his favorite Art Nouveau era.

Artist of the poor” is the name given to him, because he is able to renovate discotheques, bars and public places with materials of recovery.

His works have an important visual impact and at the same time arouse strong emotions. His true peculiarity resides in his forward thinking, as his accomplishments, at first considered avant-garde, are still relevant years after.

Art is in his DNA, his passion began when he was a child. In kindergarten, he created cloth costumes for other children and invented scenarios to represent fables known as Little Red Riding Hood, Pinocchio, Snow White, etc.

Rodella5There have been numerous collaborations at all levels: Renzo Arbore at “Indietro tutta”, where he worked on costumes and scenography, “La vita in diretta” by Michele Cucuzza and “Piazza Grande”. He has also worked for Gigi Proietti in the creation of stage decors for theatre. An important collaboration with Paola Borboni (même remarque qu’en français : “He has been working with Paola….”), who was his teacher and especially his friend, helping him to accept his numerous personalities and to enter the theatre scene. In December 2013, he participated in the show “80 voglia di Christmas” with Valeria Marini, Paolo Ruffini, Tullio De Piscopo, Scialpi, Den Arrow and Tracy Spencer.

Of all that he has created in recent years, the project that is closest to his heart is certainly the construction of a church in Copacabana (Rio de Janeiro), Brazil, in 1988. The work was entirely made with recycled materials. At that time, he was on-site to build other premises. With the profits, he then decided to build this church in a shed that was given to Sister Camilla, who looked after orphans.

From the human point of view, his meeting with Pope Benedict XVI gave him great strength. As an educated man, very humble and endowed with a great spirituality in various private conversations, he knew how to fill his existential gaps.

Although Sophia Loren and Anna Magnani were his main references, his inspiring muse remains Amanda Lear, in all respects, as an actress, singer and painter.

Another building of considerable importance that fully reflects the artistic philosophy of Gino Rodella is the new concept store “Hangart” in Lonato del Garda (BS). Its rigorous realization with recycled materials is the fruit of the spirit of this master and the young collaborating artists. A totally new place where you can find paintings, objects of design, videos, fashion accessories, clothes and accessories of furnishing. An exclusive venue, where you can have a drink, meet friends or make business appointments.

press3ridottaHe is currently conducting three projects called “Deus” addressed to Popes Benedict XVI and Francis. More precisely, it is a cross, a chalice and a bracelet.

Gino Rodella is an artist capable of creating a work of art from scratch, improvisation is his main characteristic.

At the center of his existence are people in need, those who are struggling, who he never refuses to help.

Fundamental is also his support to young artists, that he directs and values, without ever minimizing their art or their creative spirit.

Master Gino Rodella … a beautiful meeting!


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