Fortunately, Male-Identity has thought about it!


It was the last day of our vacation and, for the occasion, we wanted to treat ourselves to something different: an aperitif in a luxury place, the Lounge Bar on the roof of the Five Seas Hotel, one of the most prestigious in Cannes. At the entrance, the doorman looked at us from head to toe to check if we were properly dressed according to the rules of the place. The elevator took us to the top floor of the building where there was a large infinity pool with water cascading around the edges. With affable audacity, the waiter invited us to sit down at the table from where we could admire the elegant period buildings of the most famous city on the French Riviera, Cannes, which is renowned for its International Film Festival.

For the aperitif, we ordered two Spritzes with pretzels to nibble on, then we continued with various “finger foods”: crispy mint shrimp, grilled eggplants accompanied by caviar with Garrigue herbs and crispy pieces of chicken with popcorn petals.

The evening passed serene and peaceful. We talked about the vacation that had just ended too quickly and ended the evening with a good glass of champagne.

With a nod of the head, I called the waiter to ask for the bill. It was very fast as the queue of customers waiting to be seated was increasing more and more. I took out my credit card and noticed the chip was a bit rusty. Although I always kept the card in the inside pocket of the bag during those days at the beach, salt and moisture had damaged the EMV chip. We tried to pass it several times, but the screen still said “transaction canceled”. The embarrassment grew. Fortunately, Nicolas had some cash on him and we were able to pay.

It wasn’t the first time this had happened. Unfortunately, in the beach bag, the contact between money and credit cards with wet clothes is inevitable. It made us think!

This is how Clément Briard and Nicolas Coze decided to embark on a spectacular adventure: the creation of underwear and sportswear that are practical and functional.

Clément was born in Champagne and after studying food engineering in Montpellier, he obtained an MBA in luxury gastronomy marketing in Paris and for 8 years he promoted food products. A totally different activity from the current one.

Nicolas was born in Auvergne and arrived in Paris to finish his studies 7 years ago. At first, he worked in human resources, then he specialized in the fashion sector and it was only later that he would embark on a new entrepreneurial adventure.

After many trips, Clément and Nicolas realized that the need for multifunctional underwear could be a solution to various practical problems: often, cash and bank cards stuck loose in socks in contact with sweat, wrinkle or oxidize. Not to mention the t-shirts and tank tops that get lost on hot summer evenings at the nightclub.

The two French entrepreneurs, with the help of designers and graphic designers specializing in textiles, have just designed and produced a line of men’s underwear which on the one hand meets the needs of a protective case and on the other. Share offers high quality products with sophisticated design.

The collaboration with two Parisian designers specializing in men’s underwear allows them to select each material and search for the appropriate detail and finish, all elements that give the MALE IDENTITY brand its originality.

This new concept of “slow fashion” offers underwear, sportswear and swimsuits, as well as, at the time of Covid, protective masks with a modern and functional aesthetic, but above all, of natural elegance.

Adapted and resistant fabrics

Adjusted cuts highlighting the body

Clean lines for minimalist outfits

Elegant finishes

Functional details to no longer fear for your business

The products that you can find and order on are completely handcrafted in Portugal by a company that has specialized in underwear for over 20 years. The fabrics, as well as the elastics, come from Portugal, Italy and Spain. This guarantees the traceability of the products. Male-Identity, a young French company, respecting the Charter of Fundamental Rights and meeting the environmental standards of the European Union, professes a work philosophy that fully reflects the lifestyle of entrepreneurs and that promotes diversity, with an eye on the LGBT world.

What do you think about!