Federica: her life like a breath!

A garden, trees, photos of a beautiful girl and worms to remember her, to make her realize her dream.

Federica15“My life like a breath …”

“Mom don’t get mad, but I can’t unpack my suitcase! My head hurts”

“It was at the beginning of September, I had just returned from a fabulous camping holiday, the most beautiful of my life. I missed a week’s internship at the bank, then school started again. The last year: the 5th Superior “

“At that time, among other things, I took my courage in both hands and I started sending photos to fashion agencies to win castings”

Federica“The school had started and I had many projects, specifically fashion and sport, maybe traveling, getting a driver’s license … Ah yes and having my diploma! “

“I was happy and single at the time. I used to go out with my friends, I would dance, I had fun, but my little head still tormented me. The pain never left me. But despite that, I continued to advance. I thought – I always had a headache – and I didn’t worry too much “

“A certain A, let’s call him A., asked for my friendship on Facebook. We made an appointment and we met. Cute, kind, in short, I loved it. “

“Sorry, can you hold my hand. My head is spinning and I find it difficult to walk on my own.” I was happy with him. I was not afraid of anything and we never got bored. It was enough to be close and time passed well.

“But suddenly … a monster arrived.”

Federica 12“WHY? WHY ME?”

“I looked at him – in the face – …”

“And … he folded me in half.”

“But I didn’t give up and I started dancing again.”

“I have always loved to dance, I have been doing it since I was a little girl and as soon as I started to move again, I danced.”

Federica 1“Despite everything, I went back to school … there was an exam: how to pass it? It was stressful, I couldn’t bear the pain anymore but in the end, I also won this challenge: 78/100″.

“Then … I don’t know why, but something went wrong.”

“He thinks he won …”

“But I won … because I’m still alive and this exhibit is proof of that.”


Federica19Lucia is a very sweet mother who, with her husband Giulio, gave me the opportunity to know and live through them, the short and intense via of Federica, their beloved daughter who left too early.

From a simple headache to the excruciating truth, the disease that made her practically disabled but that, with her tenacity and desire to live, she conquered, graduated, started working and preparing the photos that would be used in her exhibition. She wanted to show the whole world that the monster can be defeated, as happened to her brother.

Federica14Almost everything was ready, but unfortunately, the infamous knocked on his door again and took her away.

Thanks to her mother, Federica’s dream came true, an exhibition was held in Calvizzano, in the province of Naples, the city of origin of her parents. A moving crowd of relatives and friends, hundreds of people, attended this wonderful exhibition animated by actors who, with extreme sensitivity, proclaimed her verses.

Federica has crossed a special sky because she managed to be present everywhere, giving the impression of knowing her even if we have never had the pleasure of it.

Verses and more have been dedicated to her.

You never leave, only other skies are crossed.


I like to think that you fly freely in the wind

Free like the fresh morning air.

Free like a bird flying over the sea.

Free like the wandering spirit

Anywhere aimlessly.

Free of any constraint and any need related to a body.

I like to think that you fly freely in the wind.

Lella Di Marino

Now another of her dreams has come true.

Federica dreamed of a song, verses that were only for her and thanks to the collaboration of the artist Riccardo Pecoraro with the poet Lella Di Marino a poignant song was born: Federica told me, arranged by Maestro Almartino and sung by Riccardo Pecoraro and Rosaria De Gregorio.

Thank you, Lucia and Giulio, I feel honored by this gift which is yours and with extreme serenity and simplicity you have been able to tell me!

Federica17There is no more difficult test to pass for a couple or a parent who has lost a child. It is such a painful and unnatural state that it is unlikely that a person would identify with either category, if you can put that. For this reason, in most languages, there is not even a word that defines “the parent who lost a child” unlike the “widower”, who is the one who lost his life partner and “the orphan “, who is the child who lost his parents. Maybe “orphan of one’s child”? However, it does not seem appropriate to me because it reverses and reverses the natural roles. But if we really have to find a word, I would prefer to say “Parent of a divinely absolute child”.

What do you think about!