Is there a relation between the way you eat and the way you make love?

It is well known, there is really a link between food, sex and love. Vox Populi teaches that a person behaves at the table as if in bed. Sharing a good dinner with a pretender is always the background of a … after dinner, good or disappointing that can then turn out. Both food and sex satisfy basic physiological needs: the first guarantees survival and is also one of the most common pleasures, the second, another great and undeniable pleasure, in addition, is the forge for the continuation of the species. From a research, it has been established that from the way the partner eats, one can understand how he makes love.

Already in Ancient Rome, the people showed the correlation between overeating and exuberance, too excessive, in sex. On the other hand, our body reacts more or less the same way in situations of abstinence from food or … love. When hungry, our body produces saliva in the same way it produces lubricant in the face of a sexual requirement. Postural and body language is very similar when you are in front of a tasty dish or someone we like.

Without a shadow of a doubt, therefore, the similarities between sexual drive and the alimentary drive are evident, indeed, perhaps, if we think about it, both can be defined … alimentary drives.

In this regard, without ever wanting to generalize, I would classify individuals in:


RODENTS. In the animal world Rosicans are extremely habitual. I identify them in those who follow a very specific ritual: on Monday meat, on Tuesday vegetables, on Wednesday fish, etc … a little ‘spontaneous say. Certainly they are happy with their routine, but for them the management of an unexpected becomes a big problem. So do not expect great fantasies in bed. For everything there is a timetable, a place and above all a very precise procedure !.

VOLATILE. Not for what you can think, but simply because the birds are lovers of chillies. Those who prefer spicier dishes have a tendency to look for something savory and appetizing even under the sheets.

RUMINANTS. Nothing to do with the physical characteristics. I identify these people in those who like to taste the moment of the preambles even more than the actual phase of the act. In bed, these people prefer to slowly prepare the fateful moment … sometimes … even too much.

ANTS. They are the so-called people “not too much”, that is to say that they love dishes not too salty, not too peppery, not too sweet, not too much … So obviously in bed everything will be managed in the same way “not too …” and zero strokes of scene, zero surprises!

To these categories it is then necessary to assign four different types of personality:



FIRE: they are those who eat quickly, devour, without enjoying the moment. This attitude is also reflected in sexual practices that prove to be highly expansive, fast, fast, not courting, no preamble. Usually they are people … omnivorous and they prefer more partners!

AIR: they are those in search of their balance and who want to experience all the foods. They are kind of hit and run.

WATER: these are really “good mouth”, everything is fine, the luxury restaurant but also the restaurant. They are very careful and know how to grasp when the partner needs pampering or a more direct relationship.

EARTH: and these are the “earth” that eat only dishes that they know. They prefer to know with whom they eat instead of what they eat. They love stability in personal relationships, security.

Let’s now compare the various behaviors at the table …

1) Those who generally eat quickly have a tendency to perform daily tasks always in absolute haste. It has been shown that 80% of premature ejaculators are also quick eaters. These people, even in bed, must learn to taste because they tend to go straight to the point.

2) Who is precise and meticulous in the everyday will obviously have the predisposition to be so in the intimacy, then the ban any kind of erotic fantasy (launch or tear of the briefs). Instead, they will precisely fold their clothes and prepare the bed well before going to bed … and unfortunately … not only.

3) Those who live by continuous restrictions on eating and are perpetually on a diet, will apply the same restrictive regime even under sheets. This no, that no … this other a little … but little !.

4) Those who love to cook for others love to give pleasure, therefore also in bed will show the same generosity in giving pleasure to the partner and in being happy to be able to receive it.

5) Who cares a lot about their health and the care of their physical appearance and

6) Those who are constantly concerned with following a system of life and nutrition based on hygiene rules will not be a crazy explosive in sex … will always apply its rules.

7) On the other hand, those who look for the particular in the dishes and are a fan of the APP “The Fork “, will be primarily concerned with satisfying the partner and taking care of the preliminaries.

8) Those who are curious and want to try all foods, especially new ones, will certainly want to try new experiences in bed.

It has been proven that certain components or vitamins contained in foods increase libido and improve performance.


Being lovers of junk food (street food) is certainly not an honor. The large amount of sugars and glycids increases the rate of glucose in the blood leading to a state of fatigue and reduced libido.

Walnuts increase your performance, especially if consumed after a high-fat meal. In fact, they prevent the arteries from contracting in front of a physical effort.

Fish, in particular sardines, mackerel and wild salmon, contain a lot of omega 3 and improving the circulation increase the level of dopamine in the brain, predisposing us to a good performance.

The banana, whose form is evocative, contains potassium and an enzyme that stimulates libido in men.

The asparagus, which transmit a particular smell to pee, are very rich in vitamins and contain folic acid which is a stimulant for the production of testosterone and for achieving orgasm in both sexes.

The oyster, it is known, is the food of love, as well as containing the zinc that promotes the production of testosterone, contains phosphorus and iodine that stimulate the body.

The avocado skin was considered by the Aztecs a sexual stimulant.

Thanks to its vasodilator power, ginger is considered an excellent aphrodisiac food.

To this list you must then add black chocolate, honey, red wine, almonds and some spices.

Beyond the way in which it is eaten, the way in which the dish is organized is not neglected.

Those who organize their dish scrupulously are particularly methodical, attentive and scrupulous and prepare everything impeccably even in sex.

Those who love to mix food and are attracted by novelty and new experiences (exotic or unknown food), certainly love to risk, is an adventurer.

Who asks for details on the menu or a personalization of the dish, is curious to discover, but at the same time sure of himself and generally will not disappoint, the ideas have it clear!

However, it has been proven that those who change from a Western regime (rich in industrial products, sugar, salt and fat) to a Mediterranean regime … will see, with surprise, increase their sexual desire!


Maybe that’s why the southern man is hot?

What do you think about!