How to naturally increase immune defenses

The first thing to do is to adopt a healthy lifestyle because it has been proven that sticking to healthy habits can prevent infections and diseases.

The immune system can be strengthened simply by changing the daily routine.

Here are some tips:

Treat your intestinal flora. About 70% of our immune system depends on the intestinal flora. It is an ecological environment composed of billions of microorganisms, mainly bacteria, distributed in about 500 different species. It is absolutely essential to maintain the right balance between the beneficial (non-pathogenic) bacteria and the pests (pathogens) of the intestinal bacterial flora. The main task is to control the correct absorption of what we eat but also the level of toxins.

Take more fruits and vegetables. In particular :

  1. Schermata 2019-06-03 alle 09.04.33Garlic is a food that stimulates the multiplication of cells to fight against infections. These characteristics are attributed to garlic because of its content of allicin and sulphide. Garlic could also help the body expel toxins and cancer cells, while protecting the heart by preventing plaque formation in the arteries.
  2. Carrots and all orange or red vegetable foods, thanks to beta-carotene, help strengthen our immune system. Indeed, it helps to increase the number of cells able to fight against infections and stimulates macrophage cells to produce substances capable of destroying cancer cells.
  3. Schermata 2019-06-03 alle 09.07.40Ginseng. Although it is not yet clear from the scientific point of view, natural medicine classifies it among the remedies to be used to stimulate the immune system.
  4. Citrus fruits. Thanks to their vitamin C content, they help us protect our immune system against diseases and strengthen the body by promoting the absorption of iron contained in foods of plant origin.
  5. Schermata 2019-06-03 alle 09.09.04Echinacea. This wild herb has the ability to increase the number of white blood cells to destroy bacteria and viruses, thanks to its immunostimulatory action. It is found in the trade in herbal medicine in the form of capsules or dry extract for herbal teas. Ideal for preventing colds and flu.
  6. The blueberry. It has a vivifying and purifying action. It stimulates the metabolism and strengthens the immune system against infections.
  7. Schermata 2019-06-03 alle 09.16.40The lemon. It is an excellent antioxidant and has a strong strengthening of the body’s defenses. Bu with a little warm water in the morning is an excellent concentrate of beneficial properties.
  8. Dried fruits. Thanks to their high vitamin E content, they increase the body’s defenses.Schermata 2019-06-03 alle 09.18.47
  9. Mushrooms. Some mushrooms called Shiitake, Maitake and Reishi contain beta-glucans. They stimulate the activity of our immune system against infections and cancer. They also reduce allergies.

NOTE: Avoid refined sugar as much as possible.

Sleep at least 8 hours a night. If we do not sleep enough, our body is more susceptible to infections. As we sleep, the number of white blood cells increases in the blood, thus improving our immune system. Sleep also regulates stress.

Avoid smoking. Smoking is an inflammatory and as you know it is highly carcinogenic.

Maintain a weight of form. Obesity and overweight are known to be two risk factors. Overweight affects the functioning of insulin, the hormone that provides energy to cells. Even too drastic diets significantly reduce defenses.

Make physical activity outdoors. As we know, physical activity is good for the human body, because the body oxygenates itself, thus eliminating toxins.

Drink seawater. The University of Alicante has proven that seawater activates the immune system, revitalizes, mineralizes and brings benefits against osteoporosis and anemia and beneficial benefits to the psyche.

Consume dietary proteins such as salmon (vitamin D fights respiratory infections) and egg yolks, which contain beta-carotene.

Check the blood pressure.

Wash often your hands and cook the meat thoroughly.

Submit routine medical checks as needed based on age.

Recall also that propolis has an antiviral and antibacterial power very effective against cold and flu viruses and against the bacteria responsible for salmonellosis.

What do you think about!