Everything that attracts men to women!

Defining a prototype of a woman to which men refer is not so simple because tastes depend on a man’s education, personality or age. However, there are some characteristics that, according to statistics, seem to unite many men.

In the first place, one is surely attracted to the body, then subsequently other more or less important values take over, depending on the type of relationship we want to undertake.

Generally speaking, the man is attracted by women with an hourglass-shaped body, that is to say hips and shoulders of the same width and very narrow waist with pronounced breasts, because it is a symbol. fertility. “Rectangular” women with broad shoulders and hips, small breasts and slender legs, ideal for fashion shows, are unattractive to the stronger sex.

Let’s try to understand from the physical appearance what attracts a man to a woman. He looks at the shapes as a whole and neither analyzes nor scrutinizes small defects such as cellulite or rosacea:

The breast is generally appreciated in all its forms. However, scientific research has shown that small breasts attract more men who tend to be more jealous and aspire to become parents. Rather, the most successful breasts are appreciated by those in need of love and protection.

The eyes should be lightly made up in order to highlight a deep look with well-defined eyelashes. However, the important thing is that the makeup is not too obvious.

The long, toned, very smooth and soft thighs strongly excite the male sex. Men want them clean shaven and rarely notice cellulite and pads.

Smiling is however a fundamental aspect. A woman who smiles attracts anyway. As I already explained in a previous article, smiling is already half of the conquest. It is a sign of sympathy and openness towards the partner.

Hands and feet: it is above all the hands that represent the first business card, but the feet also exert their charm. The hands are an important instrument of seduction and, for this reason, the care must be meticulous and original. Generally, men prefer long, thin fingers with well-groomed nails that are absolutely free from bites. Of course, the feet that often emulate the male imagination should not be underestimated either.

The mandolin or rounded “butt” is obviously a part of the body that mainly affects the male world. It should be high and firm to the touch, small and round, the important thing being that it is not flat. Two well-erected buttocks also allow a much more sensual and intriguing walk.

A soft stomach and well-defined hips – it has been proven – are more attractive than a perfectly flat, toned stomach.

Preferably, long soft hair is very attractive and much more alluring than short hair even though short hair arouses interest and intrigues the male. The important thing is that short or long hair should be clean, free from dandruff and well cut. Split ends hated by many women are not even noticed by the stronger sex.

Perfume also play an important role even if the most aphrodisiac perfume for men remains that of female skin, mainly during ovulation, thanks to the action of natural pheromones. A fruity, musky, woody or floral scent, never too intense, should always be pleasant and not suffocating.

In addition to physical aspects, there are the behavioral and character aspects that come into play:

Independence. The man is certainly attracted by the independent woman who knows how to take control of her life by managing autonomously the different situations that arise.

Style. The way of walking, being radiant and the type of implication in the situation created at the time of the first meeting arouse the curiosity of the man. Certainly, feminine charisma and charm are worth much more to some men than beauty. Even a small imperfection can attract a lot more than perfection.

Presence. The woman next to the man must be the shoulder that supports him in difficulties and makes him feel useful and wanted above all. A presence that knows how to convey tranquility and serenity.

Silence. Knowing how to be silent is a gift that only a few have and in certain situations, it is absolutely essential.

Self-esteem and conscience. A convincing and confident woman, especially of her body, attracts, reassures and fascinates her partner.

Tenacity. The art of knowing what you want, the determination and the ability to make your dreams come true are certainly fascinating characteristics.

Enthusiasm. A woman who exudes positivity, joy, and passion in what she does can certainly impart strength to those around her.

Patience. This is usually a distinctively feminine trait and men love to notice and appreciate it when women get nervous, especially if it happens easily.

Organization. In general, women are the queens of order at home thanks to the fact that they are multitasking, a characteristic which always remains a mystery to men and fascinates them very much.

Endurance. Genetically, women are predisposed to face suffering in difficult times and are therefore able to give strength to the partner to better cope with the situation.

In light of what has been described so far, the important thing is never to forget that you are yourself, while trying to correct as much as possible what you can in order to intrigue your feelings more and more. partner. It is fundamental to be able to grasp these negative signals of assimilative projection by fleeing from people who have a subtle tendency to shape the personality in their own image and likeness.

What do you think about!